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Single Student Housing/Apartments

Single students with the class status of Sophomore and higher can be placed in apartment housing. There are two types of apartment housing: four bedroom apartments with single rooms and two bedroom apartments with double rooms.

Four Bedroom Apartments

Four bedroom apartment layoutsThese are apartments with four bedrooms. Each resident has their own room and shares the bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen with three other people.

Two Bedroom Apartments

These are apartments with two bedrooms. Each resident shares a room with one other person and shares the bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen with three other people.

Two bedroom apartment layoutAll apartments are equipped with microwave, stove, and refrigerator. The common space in each apartment is fully furnished with couches, dining room table, and chairs. Each bedroom is furnished with a twin extra-long bed, dresser, and desk (double rooms with 2 of each). Each apartment has a storage room in the entry way. The townhouse-style apartments also have storage underneath the stairs.

All housing residents are required to purchase a meal plan. To learn more about our food options on campus, please visit the services page.


Meal Plan
Total Semester
Total Academic
Four Bedroom Apartment$3,100$600$3,700$7,400
Two Bedroom Apartment$2,600$600$3,200$6,400
Single in Two Bedroom Apartment$3,400$600$4,000$8,000

Residence Halls

Freshman Hall

Freshman Housing typical room floor layoutOur new freshman residence hall will be opening Fall 2014. This facility is located directly on-campus, with amazing views of Auke Lake, Mendenhall Glacier, and the numerous mountains, trees, and wildlife that surround the Juneau campus. With 120 bed spaces spread out across four floors of two bedroom, suite-style units, this building will be a hub of activities, social connections, and access to educational services on-campus.

In addition to resident units, this 34,000 square foot facility offers lounge spaces, study nooks, a seminar/classroom, community kitchen, laundry facilities, student mailboxes, and interior access to garbage and recycling disposal. A front desk location will not only allow for monitoring of student and guest access to this swipe-card access secured building, but also be a source of information and referral for residents.

Banfield Hall

The three story, 18,000 square foot Banfield Hall sits on a wooded hillside in the UAS student housing complex. In the distance, across the tops of spruce and hemlock trees, the Juneau Icefield looms as a reminder that this is an Alaskan campus.

Banfield Hall floor layoutThe coed hall has 42 rooms. Each room holds two students. Two rooms are joined into a suite for four, same sex students who share a common entry vestibule and bathroom. The vestibule contains a small refrigerator and microwave. Each room is wired for cable TV, phone and computers and students may choose those services on their own.

Modular furniture allows options for room arrangement schemes. Each bed can be lofted. The specially designed, wood grained desks and dresser can be placed beneath the beds to save floor space. Heat is regulated within each room. All UAS housing is non-smoking and pets are not allowed.

Banfield Hall was designed for social interaction while incorporating the privacy of a suite. Each student has a single, personal key that opens suite door and shared bedroom door.

There are several common areas in Banfield Hall including a cozy lounge with three-story, full length windows overlooking the nearby forest. There is also a study room, laundry room, kitchenette and television room.

The nearby lodge serves as a hub for students living in Banfield Hall and the university apartments. It includes a fireplace meeting room, large screen TV viewing area and more.

All housing residents are required to purchase a meal plan. To learn more about our food options on campus, please visit the services page.


2014-2015SemesterMeal PlanTotal/SemesterTotal/
Freshman Residence Hall (shared room)$2,500$1,675$4,175$8,350
Banfield Residence Hall (shared room)$2,300$1,675$3,975$7,950
Upperclassmen in Banfield Residence Hall (private room)$2,800$600$3,400$6,800

While we do not offer university controlled off-campus housing, we do accept housing referrals from within the community and post them in our office and on our website.

UAS is not responsible for screening prospective applicants and/or landlords. UAS will not receive complaints against renters and/or landlords.

Affordable Summer Guest Housing for Single Guests or Groups 

housing viewIn the summer, UAS Student Housing operates the Summer Guest Housing program, enabling external parties to rent out housing units much like at a hotel. Summer Guest Housing operations help subsidize revenue from the academic year and to keep costs down for students. Students may refer family members, friends, or others to the Housing Lodge Desk to inquire about renting rooms, suites, or even full apartments for periods ranging from a single day to the entire summer.

For information on Summer Guest Housing please contact the Lodge Desk for assistance at 907-796-6443 or by email at

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Juneau Campus Room Scheduling

For reservation of campus classroom and event space please visit the scheduling website.


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