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UAS Juneau Classrooms 

Multimedia carts, flat panel display and smart boxes are the standard for Juneau classrooms. To insure the majority of our student, staff, and faculty can connect to projection units, standards have been set according to the equipment in each classroom. Projectors are the most widely used technology and requires a VGA connection with cables located on each unit. Flat panel displays (or HD TV) have multiple ports, that allow various peripherals to be connected with all cables available on each unit. Wall mounted smart boxes are only available in a few rooms, with the ceiling mounted projectors that require VGA connection only. As new technology emerges, it's difficult to provide cabling for each notebook, laptop, ipad, etc. therefore, patrons should contact the manufacturer of their product for connection solutions (i.e. HDMI to VGA, DVI to VGA, etc).

Juneau classrooms are located in various locations around town:

For more information about available classroom technologies please contact Donovan Grimes at 796-6189 or, or the UAS Help Desk at (907) 796-6400.


Classroom scheduling in Juneau is primarily done through the Facility Scheduling Coordinator Jim Isturis at (907) 796-6459. For more information about room scheduling please follow this link: