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Education opens doors!  Education beyond high school increases salaries, job satisfaction and security. 
No matter where you live in Alaska, UAS can help you increase your opportunities through education.
Take an online class!  We offer a number of eLearning courses every semester, some with meeting times and some without.  All with classes small enough you can talk to your faculty.

your college dream is possible

Available Semesters

Course information is available for the following semesters:

Summer Semester Courses

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ENGL 21251496KD1Technical Writing35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeDawn Montgomery
ANTH 20051897KD1Alaska Native Cultures35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
GEOG 10151497KD1Local Places, Global Regions: Introduction to Geography35/15 - 8/5No meeting timeJohn Radzilowski
HIST 34151498KD1History of Alaska35/15 - 8/5Tuesday at 4:30p - 5:50pJohn Radzilowski
COMM 23551489KD1Small Group Communication and Team Building35/15 - 7/15Tue, Thu at 1:30p - 2:50pClare Bennett
ECON 20151490KD1Principles of Macroeconomics36/26 - 8/5No meeting timeAnn Spehar
ECON 20251491KD1Principles of Microeconomics36/26 - 8/5No meeting timeAnn Spehar
ED 38051492KD1Multicultural Education35/15 - 8/5No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
ENGL 11151494KD1Methods of Written Communication35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeEmily Wall
ENGL 21151495KD1Intermediate Composition: Writing About Literature35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeEmily Wall
ANTH 10151486KD1Introduction to Anthropology35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
ANTH 20551487KD1Biological Anthropology35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeJennifer Brown
HUM 49952049KD1Humanities Capstone35/15 - 8/5No meeting timeWilliam Urquhart Ii
PS 31351499KD1Alaska Politics and Government36/26 - 8/5No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
PSY 10151500KD1Introduction to Psychology36/12 - 8/5No meeting timeAlison Ziegler
PSY 25051501KD1Lifespan Development36/12 - 8/5No meeting timeAlison Ziegler
SOC 10151502KD1Introduction to Sociology35/15 - 6/24No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska

Fall Semester Courses

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HIST 44077326KD1The Western Movement38/28 - 12/16Tuesday at 4:30p - 5:50pJohn Radzilowski
HUM 20077337KD1Orientation to the Liberal Arts28/28 - 12/16Tue, Thu at 12:00p - 1:00pClare Bennett
HUM 21077225KD1BLA Portfolio Review18/28 - 12/16No meeting timeWilliam Urquhart Ii
ANS 10177926KD1Introduction to Alaska Native Studies38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeJennifer Brown
ANTH 20077211KD1Alaska Native Cultures38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
ANTH 20277212KD1Cultural Anthropology38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
HUM 49977338KD1Humanities Capstone38/28 - 12/16Tuesday at 6:00p - 7:30pTeague Whalen
MATH 11377227KD1Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeColleen Ianuzzi
MATH 05477226KD1Prealgebra38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeConan Steele
PE 10377228KD1Sitting Meditation18/28 - 12/16No meeting timeTeague Whalen
PHIL 20177343KD1Introduction to Philosophy38/28 - 12/16Tuesday at 6:00p - 8:50pDawn Allen
ANTH 33577272KD1Native North Americans38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeBrandon Chapman
PS 10178276KD1Introduction to American Government38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
ANTH 43077273KD1Ethnographic Methods38/28 - 12/16Wednesday at 4:30p - 5:50pBrandon Chapman
ECON 20277214KD1Principles of Microeconomics38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeAnn Spehar
COMM 11177282KD1Fundamentals of Oral Communication38/28 - 12/16Mon, Wed at 4:30p - 5:50pTeague Whalen
ECON 20177213KD1Principles of Macroeconomics38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeAnn Spehar
ECON 37577942KD1Intro to Ecological Economics38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeAnn Spehar
ED 68077285KD1Perspectives in Multicultural Education38/28 - 12/16Thursday at 5:30p - 6:50pBrandon Chapman
ED 38077218KD1Multicultural Education38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeSheila Klosterman
ENGL 41977220KD1Walt Whitman:Singing Himself38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeRod Landis
GEOG 10177222KD1Local Places, Global Regions: Introduction to Geography38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeJohn Radzilowski
GEOL 10577324KD1Geological History of Life38/28 - 12/16No meeting time
HIST 10577223KD1World History I38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeJohn Radzilowski
HIST 13177224KD1History of the U.S. I38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeJohn Radzilowski
PS 39378210KD1ST:Terrorism38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
PSY 10177229KD1Introduction to Psychology38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeAlison Ziegler
PSY 24577230KD1Child Development38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeMelissa Cruise
PSY 25077231KD1Lifespan Development38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeAlison Ziegler
PSY 33377232KD1Human Sexuality Across Cultures38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
PSY 34077949KD1Abnormal Psychology38/28 - 12/16Wednesday at 1:30p - 2:50pAlison Ziegler
PSY 47377236KD1Psychological Testing and Assessment38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeSusan Porter
SOC 10177237KD1Introduction to Sociology38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
SOC 25177951KD1Criminology38/28 - 12/16Wednesday at 12:00p - 1:20pWilliam Urquhart Ii
SOC 32577953KD1Theory and Research in Criminology38/28 - 12/16Wednesday at 12:00p - 1:20pWilliam Urquhart Ii
SOC 33377233KD1Human Sexuality Across Cultures38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
SOC 37577238KD1Terrorism38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
SOC 37777239KD1Men, Women and Change38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeKatarzyna Polanska
SPAN 10177956KD1Beginning Spanish I48/28 - 12/16Mon, Wed at 5:00p - 7:00pClare Bennett
SSCI 20077240KD1Orientation to the Social Sciences38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeWilliam Urquhart Ii
STAT 27377241KD1Elementary Statistics38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeColleen Ianuzzi
UNIV 10177963KD1College Success Skills38/28 - 12/16Wednesday at 12:00p - 2:00pMelissa Cruise
WRTG 11077242KD1Introduction to College Writing48/28 - 12/16No meeting timeDawn Montgomery
WRTG 21177978KD1Writing and the Humanities38/28 - 12/16Tue, Thu at 3:00p - 4:20pTeague Whalen
WRTG 21277243KD1Writing and the Professions38/28 - 12/16No meeting timeDawn Montgomery

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