Professions in the justice and law enforcement fields call for individuals with a strong sense of purpose, commitment, and dedication to their communities and public service. 

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Forensic technicians examine physical evidence, administer tests, interpret data, write reports, and testify in courts. Possible jobs could include:

  • Forensics Technician I
  • Crinimal Justice Technician I
  • General Investigator
  • Computer Forensics
  • Crime Analyst


Victim advocates help victims of crime by offering support, filing and navigating paperwork, offering knowledge about available resources, and going to court with victims.Possible jobs could include:

  • Victims Advocate
  • Victim Witness Paralegal
  • Protective Services Specialist I


Graduates of the Law Enforcement program can work with local governments, state government or the federal government. Possible jobs could include:

  • Clerk of Court I
  • Correctional Officer I
  • State Trooper
  • Compliance Inspection and Support
  • Park Ranger

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Courses and credits earned are transferable to UAA and UAF degree programs.


The A.A.S. (Associates of Applied Science) degree is an online learning program — taught entirely via a web-based platform. Students must have computer access and a stable internet connection.

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Recent high school graduate

The age of eligibility for most police academies is 21, make the most of your time by getting your A.A.S. degree in law enforcement while you wait.

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Invest in your career and promotion potential by enhancing your knowledge and qualifications for the next step with an A.A.S. degree.

Justice career explorer

Even if you’re not sure which area of justice you’re pursuing, the law enforcement program’s courses and A.A.S. degree provide the core education to discover your interests.