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Library Open House for eLearners is open from Wednesday 9/23 - Sunday 9/27 and is a Blackboard course site: LIBOHE-J01 (noncredit).  Students completing all the steps will be eligible to win a prize*! 

Directions for getting there:

    • LOGIN to UAS Online
    • Search for  LIBOHE in search box
    • click the link for LIBOHE-J01
    • You will see “Connecting to Blackboard" ... "You are not currently on the roster in this class"  Join as a student (see screenshot below)
    • It will load the course and then you will be enrolled...

Link for LIBOHE

self enroll in LIBOHE

*the prize drawing is for a $50 gift card to Amazon.  

Let Outreach Services know if you have any questions! 


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