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1. Who is eligible to use the interlibrary loan service?

All UAS affiliates patrons as well as Juneau community members can use the ILL service. Prior to registering for an Illiad (interlibrary loan) account,  patrons should register for a library card if not already registered. Patrons will not be able to receive ILL items if their library fines exceed $10.00.

2. What do I do if I find an item in the library catalog located in South Central Alaska?

Instead of using the ILL service just put a hold in the Joint Library system catalog and the item will be mailed to the Egan Library for you.  Remember also to put holds on catalog items owned by other Juneau libraries.

3. What if I am an e-Learning student/faculty/staff?

E-Learning patrons will generally place all their materials requests through their Illiad account.  If the material (i.e. book, video, DVD, or article) is available in the Joint Library Catalog (JLC) system it will arrive more quickly than if the material needs to be requested from elsewhere.  Note that if you live close to a library that is part of the JLC you can place a hold on a item and pick it up from that library.  ILL staff will notify patrons by email when their material is being sent to them.  E-Learners are asked to return material directly to the lending library.

4. What materials can be obtained?

You can request materials in all formats (books, dvds, microfiche, etc.). Lending libraries sometimes restrict their loans to certain formats.  Whole issues of periodicals, microfilm, and very newly published items can be very difficult to obtain.  ILL staff will notify you if after placing your request it can’t be filled.

5. Is there a charge for using the ILL service?

Currently, patrons are not charged for interlibrary loan requests unless items are lost.   It should be noted that there are staff and mailing costs involved in providing the ILL service,  and that the service should be used with that consideration in mind.

6. How do I submit Requests? Is there a Limit?

Requests are either submitted directly through your ILLiad account or through library databases such as FirstSearch (WorldCat et al), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Ebsco, and Proquest).  Please note that non-affiliated UAS patrons can only request ILL items directly from these databases if they are doing so from within the Egan Library.  There is no limit on requests within reason.

7. How long does it take to get items through ILL?

Article requests can take from 2-5 days and the library usually sends the material electronically.

Loans such as books and Audio-Visual material can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how the lending library sends the material.

We ask libraries to send material in the most expedient way, but some libraries will only send by surface mail.  You should not wait until the last minute to place requests.  ILL staff will try to accommodate "rush requests". If you do place a rush request, it is helpful if you also notify ILL staff about it by phone (796-6470)

8. How do I check on the status of ILL requests?

You can log into your ILLiad account and review the status of your requests.  If you bring up a request you have placed in your Illiad Account and see "request sent" this means that Egan Library Staff have placed the request, not that the lending library has shipped the item.  You can always contact Egan Library  ILL staff to find out if/when the lending library has shipped the material(s).  If you have further questions, please contact ILL staff by phone (796-6470) or by email: ill.library  Interlibrary Loan staff support is generally available from 8:30-5 Mon-Fri.

9. How will I be notified and where will I pick up my ILL materials?

You will receive an email when loan items are available for pick up at the circulation desk or if you are an e-Learning student when they are being mailed out to the address you provided.  When articles are received for you, they will be posted electronically to your ILLiad account and you will receive an email letting you know to check your account.

10. How can I renew ILL materials?

Place a renewal request directly from your ILLiad account or by calling ILL staff.  ILLiad will not allow you to renew directly from your account if the due date has passed. Within your ILLiad account, click on “view/renew checked out items”.  Bring up the item you want to renew and click on the renewal link.  Please note that if “no renewals” is checked on the cover slip of your item, the lending library does not allow renewals.  Also note that all renewal requests are forwarded to the lending library which makes the renewal determination.  A new due date will be forwarded to you by email and you can keep the material in the meantime.

11. What happens when ILL material is overdue? What are the charges?

As we value the borrowing/lending relationship between libraries, we hope that you will help preserve good rapport by returning ILL items on time and in the condition in which they were received.

Approximately one month after the due date a “lost” charge is placed on your library account. The current ILL lost charge is $70.00. (Please note this charge may be higher if the lending library assesses a greater amount.)  If the item is returned within two weeks of the invoice, $55.00 will be forgiven and a $15.00 lost processing charge will remain on your library account.

12. What if I forget my Illiad username and password?

Contact ILL staff in order to obtain your username with which you can reset your password.  If you are unable to access your account and ILL staff is unavailable,  you do have the option to create a new ILLiad account.  ILL staff will later merge your old ILLiad account into your new one.

13. What is the relationship between my library card and ILLiad accounts?

These are two separate accounts.  You will need to update address/phone/email changes in both accounts and remember that interlibrary loan items from outside-of the JLC system are only checked out in your ILLiad account.  Holds on JLC library items will only show up in your library patron account.  Overdue items can exist in both accounts.  If interlibrary loan material is in a “lost” category, staff will place a note to this effect in your JLC library account.

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