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Color Printing for Departments at Media Services

Three steps for departments using the Media Services Sharp Color Printer

Starting Fall 2008, we’re changing how we handle color printing at Media Services so that our clients will be able to print directly from their own computers. Setting up your department will take just three, simple steps:

Step 1: Account Creation

Give us a call at 6314 or 6375 (or stop by before your first print job) with your department’s fund number (usually the 5-digit fund number). This step will take less than 3 minutes.

Step 2: Change your Password

You will be responsible for giving out your department’s login information for color printing. Choose a password and only give it to people within your department that have authority to print under your account. We have to bill every page that goes through our printer!

Step 3: Set up your computer for printing

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, all you need to do is add the Media Services Sharp Color printer to your list of printers, input your new username (fund #) and password (from step 2), and print away!

Our Printing Policy

Departments wishing to use the MX-2300 sharp color printer/copier (and anybody within your department) will be assigned a username. The usernames will be created on-demand, using the department’s fund number. Media services will assign a default password on your initial setup (123), requiring departments to change the password themselves. The password will then be known solely by the department head, and it will be their responsibility to give it to whomever they wish, within their department. We will not have access to that password (but will be able to help reset it if needed).

Note: The printing account password should not be the same as the UAS login password, since it will be required that other people in your department be able to print using the same password.

The cost per print will remain the same: $0.25 per “page” (1 page = 1, single-sided letter page. E.g. One double-sided Tabloid paper will cost $1.00), both color or black & white (these costs also apply to copying in color or black & white). We will charge the fund provided to us for all the prints that came through that specific username at the end of each trimester.

Frequently asked questions about department printing

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How do I login to my printing account online?

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How do I change the language?

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Student policy for using the Media Services Sharp Color Printer

Students wishing to use the MX-2300 sharp colot printer/copier need to bring their project to Media Services. Media Services is located on the ground floor of the Egan Library open from 8am to 5pm. Students are allowed a 100 free color printes per semester.

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