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2008 Spring Forum

Sustainability and Juneau Energy

The 2008 UAS Spring Forum joins community members, students and educators in an exploration of research, policies and local efforts toward energy sustainability.

Peak Oil
Scott Waterman (AK Housing Finance Corp)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Juneau Hydropower vs. Fossil Fuel: Past, Current, and Future
Scott Willis (AEL&P)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Prospects for Renewable Energy in the Juneau Area
David Lockard (AK Energy Authority)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Streams and Runoff
Ed Neal (USGS)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Juneau Energy Roundtable
Scott Willis, David Lockard, Ed Neal, Rick Wolk, Greg Brown
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Biodiesel Demonstration and Production
Travis Reed (SEAK Solutions)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Sustainability Survey: How Much is Juneau Willing to Change?
Alex Simon (UAS)
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

UAS Campus and Sustainability Roundtable
Marquam George, Michael Ciri, Keith Gerken, Stephanie Ashley, Annie Dawson
[ipod, mp3, streaming]

Recorded April 4, 2008
Produced by: UAS Video Production Services
© 2008 University of Alaska Southeast

Running Time: 5 Hours, 49 Minutes



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