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UAS PR Office Service Agreement
Service AreaPublic Information
Service NeededDigital on-campus printing of posters and flyers for UAS schools, programs and courses.
Department Role
  • Contact the Public Information Office at least 2 weeks in advance of when the final posters should be provided.
  • Coordinate with the designer to determine design direction and elements.
  • Provide final, approved text to designer. Supply images, if needed.
  • Provide approval of proofs.
  • Provide account (fund and org number) to support printing costs. Currently, color copies are 25 cents for lettersize, 50 cents for tabloid size.
  • Typical quantities: campus only: 30 posters. Juneau and campus: 100 posters.
  • If distributing posters throughout Juneau, consider using Juneau Arts and Humanities Council’s postering service. Posters should be dropped off to the JAHC offices by 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and billed to the UAS PR Office.
  • Coordinate any specialized distribution of posters.
PR Office Role
  • Provide professional layout files of posters, ensuring compliance with UAS publication guidelines.
  • Coordinate the printing of posters with Media Services, if requested.
  • Provide copies of posters to department staff for any additional distribution.
    Service Outcome
    • All UAS promotional posters are produced at a high standard of quality.
    • Posters are produced and distributed quickly and consistently.
    • Posters are produced and distributed in a cost-efficient manner.
    Revised: August19, 2011

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