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New Juneau Icefield Director Selected

Juneau, Alaska
Date of Press Release: Nov. 19, 2011

The Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research (FGER), the nonprofit organization that supports the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP), proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Jeffry Kavanaugh as our new Director of JIRP. Dr. Kavanaugh is an Associate Professor of at University of Alberta in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Director of the UA Field Research Program. Dr. Kavanaugh has conducted research on the Alaskan, Lemon Creek Glacier side of the Juneau Icefield as well as on its northern edges on the Llewellyn Glacier in British Columbia

Dr. Kavanaugh succeeds Interim Director Dr. Jay Fleisher (2009-2011), who became director after the retirement of the program’s found Dr. Maynard Miller (1946-2008). Dr. Miller currently resides in Moscow Idaho and was a 1990 UAS Honorary Doctoral degree recipient.

JIRP is an 8 week glaciology field camp that introduces students to ice and climate research. Students travel from Juneau to Atlin, BC across the Lemon Creek, Taku, Matthes, and Llewellyn Glaciers learning about and participating in research from nunatak base camps. UAS students in the ENVS and GEOG BS programs can earn credits for their participation in the summer JIRP program. Over the years, UAS faculty Dean Webb (Math), Carl Byers (ENVS), Cathy Connor (ENVS), Richard Marston (ENVS), Randy Stahl (CHEM) and Matt Heavner (PHYS) have participated as summer JIRP professors. Former UAS students Janet Gray, Georgia Horton, April Graves, Terry Schwarz, Julian Deiss, Liam Cover, Ryan Cross, Matthew Nelson, Peter Flynn, and Ariel Lyon have participated over the years as JIRP students. The program is currently recruiting for summer 2012 participants. and


Dr. Cathy Connor

UAS Professor of Geology, FGER Board Member

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