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UAS and KTOO Sign Cooperative Learning Agreement

Juneau, Alaska
Date of Press Release: January 12, 2011

The University of Alaska Southeast and KTOO Public Radio and TV have signed a formal agreement for collaboration between the UAS Communication Program and KTOO. Under the terms of the agreement, KTOO will provide hands on learning opportunities and guidance to UAS students as they work on radio programs and television documentaries. KTOO internships for UAS credit are also available.

"KTOO has been working hard to cultivate the next generation of public radio talent," said KTOO General Manager Bill Legere. "Our new partnership with UAS is a milestone in those efforts.  We look forward to hearing UAS students on the air and seeing them in behind the scenes roles at KTOO."

Some of the Communication classes at UAS include media production assignments that can be produced in part at KTOO. KTOO has made airtime available for the UAS Media Club to produce the UAS Radio Show on Sunday nights from 6-9 on Excellent Radio, 100.7 FM. The Show started in the Fall of 2010. UAS is working on an audio and video production room on the ground floor of the Egan library. This room will be set up with radio production equipment so that the students may produce the UAS Radio Show on campus.

"It's exciting to have this Agreement in place because it creates opportunities for UAS students to get hands-on experience in radio programming, audio and video production, interviewing, news reportage, fund raising, event promotion, and all of the activities that KTOO does on a regular basis to create and sustain a great public radio and TV station in the Juneau community," said UAS Communications Department head Jenifer Vernon.

The University of Alaska Southeast offers a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Communication.


Jenifer Vernon

Assistant Professor of Communication, UAS


Bill Legere

General Manager, KTOO