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Evening at Egan Friday Fall Lecture Series, Israel, the Occupied Territories, and Nonviolent Resistance

Juneau, Alaska
Date of Press Release: September 24, 2012

Skip Schiel, Photographer

“Skip Schiel has been documenting the Palestinian and Israeli reality through photographs and journal postings since 2003—work with a better feel for the detailed texture of life in Gaza and the West Bank than any appearing in US media. Schiel spends time where most journalists dare not tread, amidst ordinary Palestinians, sharing in the dangers and frustrations of their lives.” —Annette Herskovits, Consulting Editor, Turning Wheel, the Journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Skip Schiel will give a multi-media presentation illustrating the reality of the occupation and highlighting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent responses. A participatory photographer, photographing while engaging in struggles for justice and peace, Skip Schiel makes photos for publications, exhibits, slide shows, and individual use.

Other projects include retracing the Transatlantic African slave trade journey (A Spirit People), the earth (Scent of Earth), prisons (Imprisoned Massachusetts), and a Buddhist-led pilgrimage from Auschwitz to Hiroshima (Passing Through).

He's also photographed environmental desecration, racism and racial justice, South Africa, poverty, American Indians, the US South, and resistance to oppressive regimes in the US and abroad. He is exploring digital technology, curious about its influence on photography—producing, consuming, and thinking about the photograph.

Schiel teaches at the Cambridge Center of Adult Education, from basic photography to digital darkroom and photographic field workshops concentrating on light in photography. He's also taught photography at the Landscape Institute formerly at Harvard, the Quaker Palestine Youth Program in Palestine, Al Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip, filmmaking for 10 years at Boston College, and various workshops at Quaker gatherings.

More information about Skip Schiel and examples of his photographs are at his website ( and blog (


Skip Schiel

Cambridge Center of Adult Education, Photographer

(617) 441-7756