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A key element of UAS’ leadership structure is the Provost’s Council. This entity consists of academic leaders, including the Provost, Vice Chancellors, academic deans and associate deans, extended campus directors, and Faculty Senate President, as well as leaders from outside of Academic Affairs representing Student and Administrative Services. The UAS Provost’s Council serves as a key forum for strategic planning and cross-institutional coordination, supporting the Provost in ensuring the quality of all academic programs and services. It also works to ensure integration of student services, enrollment management, and academic functions across the university.

The Council meets the last Monday of every month throughout the year (please note: dates may change due to scheduling conflicts, but all members will be notified in advance).

For more information contact the Provost's Office at (907) 796-6486.


Richard Caulfield, Provost & Executive Dean of Career Education 

Karen Schmitt, Dean of Arts & Sciences & Vice Provost for Research & Sponsored Programs

Deborah Lo, Dean of Education

Vickie Williams, Dean of Management

Pete Traxler, Associate Dean of Career Education

Priscilla Schulte, Director Ketchikan Campus

Jeff Johnston, Director Sitka Campus

Joseph Nelson, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Barbara Hegel, Registrar

Elise Tomlinson, Regional Library Services Director

Hildegard Sellner, Director Learning Center

Michael Ciri, Director of Information Technology Services & Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services

Kevin Krein, Faculty Senate President

Maria Moya, Provost's Office Representative

Provost's Council Agendas


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