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Online grading is available for faculty through UAOnline. Please note that the designated primary instructor for the course is the only one allowed to submit grades online for that particular course.

  • Login to UAOnline
  • Select Faculty Services
  • Select Summary Class List/Enter Grades
  • Select the appropriate Term
  • Select the CRN
  • Click Enter under the "Final Column" or Final Grades at the bottom of the page. Grade box shows applicable grade choices ("W" and "AU" are not available).

Grades can be adjusted and changed while you work. You may assign final grades to some students, then log back in later and grade those remaining. When you click Submit, the grades you’ve entered are saved. When Banner collects a grade, it locks out further online changes, and the grade becomes viewable by the student. At that point, a final grade change requires a Grade Change form submitted to the Registrar's Office. Forms are available at

When assigning I, F, or NB grades you will also need to enter the last date attended for that student. This is for financial aid purposes. The date given must be within the class date range (shown at the bottom of the Faculty Detail Schedule page). If the exact date is unknown, give your best estimate.  Enter the first day of class for students who never attended.  Enter the last day of class for students who attended the whole class.  Attendance hours are not needed.

If you have questions regarding student registration status, grading, or the online grading process, contact the Registrar's Office at 796-6100, your local campus records office, or at


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