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Transfer Credit Policy

  1. UAS reserves the right to reject work of doubtful quality, to require an examination before credit is allowed, or to determine applicability to General Education Requirements (GER) and program requirements.
  2. UAS will perform an official evaluation of transfer credit after students have been admitted to undergraduate/certificate programs. As time permits, evaluations will be completed for students who have applied but are not yet admitted.
  3. College level (100 or above) credits earned with grades of 1.70 (C-) or higher at other regionally accredited institutions normally will be accepted for transfer. Grades of 0.70 (D-) or higher will be transferred from other University of Alaska campuses.
  4. Transfer students from UA institutions having earned an AA degree will be deemed to have met GER at UAS. However, some bachelor's degrees require specific GER courses in addition to the AA program requirements.
  5. A minimum of 34 semester credit hours are required for the GERs in both the AA and Bachelor's degrees. Students transferring degree programs from UAA or UAF should consult UA General Education Transfer Guide for comparison of courses that will fulfill the GER at UAS.
  6. Transfer courses retain the course level of upper or lower division credit established at the original college. Graduate-level coursework can only apply to undergraduate degree programs under special circumstances with prior permission.
  7. Acceptance of transfer credit toward program major requirements is based upon dept. approval.
  8. College credit is not awarded for completion of the General Education Development (GED) test.
  9. All grades from all schools attended will be used when determining eligibility for graduation with institutional honors.
  10. Life/work experience is not accepted for evaluation as academic credit; however, the student has the option of credit by exam .
  11. Credits may be awarded for Military Experience (MOS) according to the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations.
  12. Students who have attended international institutions and plan to transfer these credits to UAS must provide an official statement of educational equivalency (official transcript evaluation in English).

Wondering if your credits will transfer before you apply?

Check out the transfer credit resource site - The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is an external website that allows you to review recent transfer decisions made from frequent transfer institutions. With this site you can compare course descriptions and search for courses that will transfer as equivalent UAS courses or General Education Requirements. This site is a work-in-progress, and is by no means a full or comprehensive list of transferability. For questions or request for re-evaluation of transferred coursework, contact

More Questions?

Visit the transfer credit FAQ page.


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