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UAS Committee for Research & Creative Activities

The Committee for Research & Creative Activities serves as the institutional node for strategically addressing research-related issues and advancing research-related activities within UAS, including its Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka campuses.  Its members -- a cross section of staff and faculty in critical components and departments, including the Vice Provost for Research, staff in grants & budget departments, and faculty senate representatives – function as a task force to address the following priorities:

  • Aligns research & creative activities (RCA) within the UAS Strategic Plan, and works to ensure Accreditation standards are me
  • Serves as a means to communicate information about RCA between administration and faculty, faculty and students, and other key components of the university system
  • Functions as a transparent mechanism to systematically raise, track & resolve RCA issues
  • Provide a visible basis for statewide representation and accountability for RCA matters
  • Advances opportunities for students to engage in RCA
  • Tracks impacts of RCA on students, student success, faculty, and the institution
  • Works to serve as a clearinghouse of information about research events, opportunities, and accomplishments of relevance to UAS students, faculty.

Creative Activities members (September 2013)

Brian Vander Naald, Ph.D., Chair

Jeremy Kane, M.F.A.

  Sanjay Pyare, Ph.D.

Christopher Donar, Ph.D.

Chip McMillan, Ph.D

Erica Hill, Ph.D.

 Jan Straley, M.S.


Marsha Sousa, Ph.D. Kelly Jensen, M.A. Barbara Hyde

 Meeting Agendas and Minutes