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Disbursement Procedures

When Will Disbursement of Funds Start?

Financial Aid funds are disbursed to your student account no sooner than 10 days before the start of the term as long as you have completed the necessary requirements for the fund. Financial aid disbursements will pay your allowable charges first, including tuition and fees and housing costs.  Any remaining balance owed is the responsibility of the student to be paid before the tuition and fee due date published in the University of Alaska Southeast Catalog every year.

When Will My Outside Scholarship be Disbursed?

Outside scholarship funds will not be disbursed to your student account until the funds from your donor have been deposited to your student account.  The promise of scholarship money does not absolve you from your requirement to pay all of your tuition and fees by the posted fee due date.  When your scholarship funds arrive they will be posted to your student account.  Once the funds are posted they will be used to pay any charges owed on your student account.  Any remaining funds will be issued to you in a refund check.

When Will My Alternative Loan be Disbursed?

Alternative loan funds have a mandatory federally required waiting period on their disbursement of 10 days.  This disbursement delay is regulated by the student’s lending institution.  Once the funds have been disbursed to the school, they will be disbursed to the student’s account and used to pay any listed charges.  If any funding remains, this money will be given to the student in a refund check.

Refund Checks

If you are scheduled to receive more financial aid assistance than you have allowable charges on your student account, you will be issued a refund check no sooner than the 10th day of the term. Please note that refund checks are not guaranteed to be available for your use on this date.  You should not create debts payable with your financial aid refund check until the check has been cashed or deposited into your own private banking account.  The University will remain harmless as to any debts created by the student with a promise to pay coming from a financial aid refund check.

The University of Alaska Southeast has two options available for refund checks.  The student is defaulted into the paper check process.  Through this process the student must present picture ID at the Student Account’s office located in Novatney Building to pick up their check.  Through UAOnline, students may also enroll in Direct Deposit, allowing refund checks to be deposited directly into the student’s banking account.


There are many reasons why a student might be eligible for a refund. If you have questions or believe you should have a refund please call us at (907) 796-6267 or email us at Refund checks picked up at the Student Accounts Office require current, valid identification that matches to the check name. Refund checks will not be released to third-parties without prior authorization and approval.

Refunds can take up to two weeks to process after being requested.

Financial Aid Refund

Refunds to students for Financial Aid are generated after the aid is disbursed and all charges have been paid. Student Accounts processes refunds as soon as possible; however, refunds may take up to 2 weeks from the date requested. After viewing their account activity on UAOnline, students expecting a refund may contact the Student Accounts office at (907) 796-6267 with any additional questions. Each semester, the initial disbursement of financial aid to your student account begins no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of classes. The disbursement date is NOT the day you should expect a refund, but rather, is the day we begin processing refunds. Student refunds are processed in the order they are disbursed by the financial aid department. *Speed up your financial aid refund by signing up or ensuring your account information is correct for Direct Deposit.

*Course changes made after financial aid has been disbursed may result in a delay or reversal of the financial aid refund. Students should meet with their advisor or a Financial Aid representative to ensure they continue to meet aid requirements.

If you are expecting Financial Aid or Scholarships that are not listed on your UAOnline student account, call the Financial Aid office at (907) 796-6255 or email at

If you have received confirmation that your tuition and fees will be paid by a third-party agency or university department, and you don’t see the payment applied to your student account on UAOnline, call the Student Accounts office (907) 796-6492 or email us at

Setup Direct Deposit

The University of Alaska offers direct deposit. Students have the option to elect to receive refunds directly into their bank accounts.

Once you set up your bank information online (checking or savings), all future student refunds will be deposited directly to your bank account within 3–4 days of when the university processes a payment.

The initial setup is quite simple using UAOnline and will only have to be done once unless you change banks or decide to stop participating in your direct deposit.

You will be notified via UA e-mail when the setup is complete, when a deposit is processed and any time you make changes to your direct deposit bank information.

More information about direct deposit is available on the UA Direct Deposit Services at the University of Alaska page.

To set up direct deposit and begin receiving direct deposits, sign on to UAOnline. Then:

  1. Select "Financial Aid" from the tabs across the top of the page
  2. Select "UAS" from the choice of three universities
  3. Select "Direct Deposit Services"
  4. Select "First time setup of direct deposit". Take note of the other options available here once you have initially set up direct deposit.
  5. Follow the instructions on how to enter your bank information. Be sure to confirm your account number with your bank.
  6. Press the "Submit" button to complete the direct deposit setup

Petitions for a Tuition Refund

Students may submit a Petition for Refund to the university. This is a request for an exception to university policy on refunds of tuition and fees in the event of extenuating circumstances. Petitions are not automatically granted but will be considered in light of the criteria set forth below and the individual circumstances of the request. Being unaware of university procedures or deadlines does not constitute justification for refund. Refunds are rarely granted and only when extenuating circumstances are documented. A UAS Petition Form is available online, or from Student Accounts or the Registrar's Office.

Petitions for an adjustment of university financial obligations may be granted when a student has been physically disabled, has experienced a death in the family, has a change in employment hours or location beyond the student's control or has other extenuating circumstances. All charges are considered true and correct and are therefore not suspended during the review process. The university reserves the right to move forward on all collection efforts during the review process. Students should note that Financial Aid regulations do not allow for course(s) that have been issued a grade be dropped from transcripts or satisfactory academic progress (SAP) reporting, therefore an approved petition may result in a refund of fees but continue to show the registered incomplete course in academic records.

  • Only requests submitted by the student or by a person with legal authority to act on behalf of the student will be considered.
  • The deadline to submit a Petition for Refund is no later than one academic year following the semester in which the course was offered. Requests that are not received within this time frame will not be considered.
  • Refunds will not be considered for courses in which a student received a passing grade, an Incomplete, or for which a Deferred or Audit grade exists. In situations that a tuition refund is approved, Financial Aid regulations do not allow for course(s) that have been issued a grade be dropped from transcripts or SAP reporting.
  • Decisions will be made solely on supporting documentation provided. In all cases a personal statement from the student is required summarizing the situation and explaining the need for an exception to the refund deadline.
  • A request will only be approved if the petitioner can demonstrate unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances beyond the student’s control that arose or came to light after published deadlines. Work-related issues, financial hardship,and failure to read UAS’ documents generally do not present justifiable reasons to support a refund request.
  • Petitions for refund for self-support courses are generally not allowed and must, at a minimum, have approval of the academic unit/department chair or director.
  • Mandatory Student Fees are not refundable unless a student drops all courses during the 100% refund period.
  • If the petition for refund is approved, refunds will be issued to the original funding source, e.g., credit card, financial aid, granting agency, lending agency, etc.
  • Submitted, completed petitions are generally reviewed weekly. The complexity, completeness, and the number of petitions in review will determine the response time frame. All charges are considered true and correct and are therefore not suspended during the review process. The university reserves the right to move forward on all collection efforts during the review process.
  • Requests for reconsideration of an adverse decision must be in writing to the UAS Vice Chancellor of Administration within 30 days of the day the decision is mailed or otherwise distributed to the student. Letters should address what the petition committee decided in error based upon university policy, or for what reason the university should make an extraordinary exception to its published policies. It is encouraged to provide any documentation that supports the claim. See the UAS Appeal Process for Financial Refunds page for more information.
  • Complaints about dissatisfaction with academic courses,methods of course delivery or instructor performance are not considered under this process. Depending on the nature of the complaint, these matters are considered according to the Student Dispute/Complaint Resolution Process or the Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Military Students Called to Active Duty or Deployment

Students called to active duty or involuntarily activated, deployed or relocated during an academic term are eligible for 100 percent refund of tuition and fees, and a prorated adjustment on housing and meal plans.

Refund Schedule

Course Length100% Refund Tuition & FeesNo Refund
Semester-length coursesPrior to and during the
first 10 days of instruction
for the semester
On or after the 11th
day of instruction for
the semester
Credit courses meeting
12 or more times but
less than a semester
Prior to the 3rd
class meeting, or check online
or with the Registrar's Office
On or after the day of the
3rd class meeting, or check online
or with the Registrar's Office
Credit courses meeting
5-11 times
Prior to the day of the
2nd class meeting
On or after the day of the
2nd class meeting
Credit courses meeting
less than 5 times
On or before the first
day of the course
E-Learning courses with no
designated class meetings, to be determined by campus
Within 7 to 14 calendar days
from the later of
student's registration date
or the first day of
instruction for the semester

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