ACCT 342


Advanced Managerial Cost

Emphasizes research and planning in the cost accounting field. Topics include basic concepts and terminology; cost accumulation systems including job order cost, process cost, standard costs, absorption and variable costing; variance analysis, budgeting and profit planning, flexible budgets; cost behavior determination and use of the cost-volume-profit model; and cost systems design.
Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

Sec JD1:
Requires access to a computer with Internet. Registered students must access UAS-Online at for textbook and course information and to edit their personal profile. Order textbooks at least one week prior to the first class. For more information call (907) 796-6402 or 1-800-478-9069 toll-free.
Tuition and fees: $762 (additional charges may apply)

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