MINL 193


ST: Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations

Discover occupations in the mining industry and learn their potential as career paths in both positive and negative aspects. Topics include safety awareness and why safety programs at mines are so important, identifying what further training is needed for these career choices, finding out what traits and skills employers expect, comparing underground and surface mining occupations, understanding the educational requirements of mining occupations, learning the planning and logistical requirements of remote site mine operations, understanding the importance and use of metals in our daily lives, and discovering how mining companies protect the environment and comply with environmental regulations.
Prerequisite: Department approval is required.

Sec J01:
Partial tuition will be covered by Greens Creek scholarship.
Tuition and fees: $513 (additional charges may apply)

Sec JD1:
Tuition and fees: $513 (additional charges may apply)

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