University of Alaska Southeast

UAS Sitka Welcomes the new Winter Fellows


The UAS Sitka campus is proud to welcome the Sitka Winter Fellows; Caroline Zhang, Wesley Yiin, and Meredith Redick. Caroline is originally from Carmel, Indiana. She studied history and literature at Harvard College, where she was involved in social justice and journalism. She loves baking, photography, and British accents. She is a writing & math tutor. Wesley is a Yale graduate from New Jersey. He is interested in popular culture, race and ethnic studies, and where they intersect. In his free time, he watches a lot of movies and TV, and he tries to keep up with current events. He is a writing & math tutor. Meredith is a Yale graduate from St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys singing, hiking, and science journalism. She is a science tutor.

Sitka Winter Fellows
Image Label: Sitka Winter Fellows