University of Alaska Southeast Faculty and Staff Newsletter April 4, 1997

This Soundings special edition is being printed to clarify circumstances for UAS students, faculty and staff in the event of a strike by ACCFT faculty.

Quick information

If a strike occurs updated information will be available on the web at:
Juneau: call 465-6852 on the Juneau campus for recorded updates
Ketchikan: Check with Fran Feinerman or Bill Trudeau (225-6177) or on the Student Government bulletin board in the Paul Building
Sitka: Information Services counter


Members of the Alaska Community College Federation of Teachers are conducting a strike vote. There are 11 ACCFT members on the Juneau campus, 11 on the Sitka campus and 7 on the Ketchikan campus.

Classes taught by ACCFT faculty, on the Juneau campus for example, include auto mechanics, business information systems, building construction, diesel/hydraulics, early childhood development, English/writing, marine technology and visitor industry. Campus directors in Sitka and Ketchikan can provide a similar class list.

Chancellor's statement

"While the university is optimistic that we will be able to come to a mediated settlement," Chancellor Marshall Lind said, "we must prepare in the event there is a strike." "If there is a strike," Lind said, "it is my hope that it will be settled quickly and amicably and will not interrupt the day-to-day workings of the university."


UAS has made contingency plans so academic programs will continue with the least possible impact on students. Union members who wish to continue teaching will be allowed to do so. UAS has also sought qualified substitute teachers to cover classes taught by any faculty members who strike. Program administrators have made personal contacts with current employees, current and past adjunct faculty, and community members. In addition, on the Juneau campus the university has placed ads in the newspaper and on radio stations seeking qualified and interested substitute instructors.


It is the university's intention to cover classes with substitute teachers. Students are expected to attend classes. The substitute teachers have the responsibility to grade students and those grades will be integrated into the final class grade.

United Academic members

Please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding, Interim Grievance Procedure, 3.0 Continuity of Operations, a. No Strike/No Lockout, which states, "The parties agree that there shall be no strike or lockouts during the term of this agreement."

To see this document in its entirety, please go to then click on "3.0 Continuity of Operations."

Adjunct faculty

The university expects current adjunct faculty to teach classes as scheduled in the event of a strike. If for some reason adjunct faculty will be unable to meet their commitments they are asked to immediately contact Dean John Pugh at 465-6531, or Assistant Dean Jean Linthwaite at 465-6282.


The support and assistance of all members of the University community are needed to protect the quality and continuity of academic programs. Therefore, it is expected that all employees not represented by the ACCFT will be present for work.

CEA members

The collective bargaining agreement between the university and the UA Classified Employees Association includes a "No Strike or Lockout" provision. Article 1, 1.3. says, "The parties agree that there shall be no strikes or lockouts during the life of the Agreement."

Sick leave

Of course anyone who is sick may use sick leave. However, sick leave is subject to the parameters set forth in University Regulation 04.07.03. This regulation states in part, "The use of sick leave requires the approval of the employee's immediate supervisor. The supervisor may request evidence of the illness..."

Strike pressures

Any university employee made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated during a strike has several options. First, contact the immediate supervisor to make them aware of the situation, or contact Dean John Pugh.