University of Alaska Southeast Faculty and Staff Newsletter September 12, 1997

Banfield Hall was dedicated Saturday.

Banfield Hall dedicated

Juneau's political and education leaders helped dedicate the student residence hall for Mildred Banfield in ceremonies Saturday. Banfield represented Juneau in the state senate and house in the late '60s and early '70s and was a member of the Board of Regents from 1976 to 1983. She died in 1991.

Banfield was praised by a variety of speakers including Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer, Mayor Dennis Egan, Representative Bill Hudson, USUAS president Rosie Gilbert, and Senator Jim Duncan. Regent Elsa Demeksa said, "Millie was a leader in the days when it was uncommon to have female leaders."

Regent Annette Nelson-Wright said the residence hall allows more students to experience UAS. That experience, she said, "is an study at a university with professors that are not only well respected in their fields but that really care."

Don Abel, who served with Banfield as a regent, said, "Above all, Millie put the interest of the students first. She never forgot what the university was all about, the students." "Banfield, doesn't that have a great ring to it?" Mike Miller asked the audience. He served with Banfield in the Alaska House. "I can imagine a Banfield Hall in Harvard, Stanford. It think it sounds great. It rings with dignity, with substance, and integrity. You know what? That's what Banfield the woman was all about."

Full-time Juneau enrollment increases

The number of full-time students continues to increase and is approaching 700. "Since 1992, we've seen a 42 percent increase in our full-time students," Director of Student Service Bruce Gifford said.

During the second week of classes nearly 690 full-time students had registered--an increase of nearly 5 percent over one year ago. More than 1,180 part-time students had also registered for a total of 1,868.

Gifford said biology and marine biology were the fastest growing areas of study along with upper division business, technology and career education, and business information systems. Gifford anticipates the growth in full-time students will continue. "We'll see a real strong enrollment next fall," he says. That will be in part because of a full year to recruit for the new environmental science degree program. "Our goal is 800 to 1,000 full time students," Gifford said. "I think we'll get there in the next two to three years."

Commission approves degrees

The Commission on Colleges of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges has approved the new B.S. degree in Environmental Science at Juneau and the certificate and A.A.S. in Environmental Technology degree at Sitka. As a result, the degrees will be included under the accreditation status of UAS. A Commission evaluation visit takes place in spring 1998.

New Ketchikan welding instructors

Two professional welders at the Ketchikan campus have 50 years of experience. Steve Parker teaches advanced welding classes. He's steel superintendent at Alaska Ship and Dry Dock. Parker previously ran the welding division of San Diego's Pacific Ship Repair. Nancy Wood teaches beginning welders. She's been in the field since 1974, is certified in all forms of welding, has taught welding for United Airlines in the Bay Area and ran her own shop for six years. Ketchikan Career Center technical education coordinator David Sweetman said the pair give students "our strongest-ever welding staff."

Three bands at Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction features three different bands at three different venues. Juneau's dress-up night takes place Oct. 4 and begins at the lower tram with a bon voyage "Sail Away" party. The Mel Flood Band will play hits of the big band era at the top of the tram, No One Famous will play rock and roll at Taku Eateries, and The Headhunters will play jazz during dessert cruises on the St. George catamaran. The $50 Tuxedo Junction tickets are on sale at both locations of Hearthside Books, at the UAS bookstore and may be purchased over the phone at 465-6267.

AT&T Alascom contributes to UAS

The president of AT&T Alaska, G.M. DeFrancisco has contributed $5,000 to UAS. In a letter to Chancellor Marshall Lind, DeFrancisco said, "We trust that our participation will assist you in meeting your goals of serving the community." Lind said he would consult with staff for the most effective use of the money.

Staff Alliance meets

Staff Alliance considers RIP, the health fair and Blue Cross, Oct. 14, from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. in the Novatney conference room. Other meetings are set for Nov. 11 and Dec. 9.

Ketchikan hosts Voc/Tech Council

The UA Statewide Vocational/Technical Advisory Council makes its first-ever stop in Ketchikan Sept. 18-19. The panel links UA's voc/tech programs to Alaska industry and helps to guide program development. The agenda includes discussion of federal issues dealing with vocational training and a presentation on Alaska distance delivery.

New students active

New students praised the kayak and the overnight camping trips that were part of Juneau's First Week. Serena Schulz from Oregon kayaked to Admiralty Island. "We're not from Alaska but we had an Alaska experience," she said.

Chelsea Wilburn from Colorado said kayaking helped to make best friends and clear the mind before classes. "It was very centering, totally relaxing and totally cool." Both praised the on-shore activities that included "mind-search activities" such as writing about college apprehensions and then discussing them around the evening campfire. About a dozen new students camped at Pt. Bridget. Student president Rosie Gilbert described the trip as an opportunity for new students to see new Juneau sights while getting to know each other.

University promotions at bookstore

University of Alaska Southeast window decals are on sale in the bookstore for $1.25. In addition, the bookstore is selling shirts that promote UA. The $15 shirts say, "I proudly support the University of Alaska and I vote." Pins and bumper stickers with the same message are available from Rita Bowen, staff alliance president.

Bookstore manage Linda Synder says spring semester textbooks should be ordered by Oct. 1 to have them on the shelves prior to the holiday break.

United Way begins

The annual United Way drive begins Sept. 16. Lawrence Lee Oldaker, campus representative, said, "Campaign materials will soon be distributed to everyone in our UAS family."

AISES chapter organizes

An American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) chapter is being organized on the Juneau campus because of the increasing number of science majors. AISES seeks to increase the number of American Indian scientists, engineers and business professionals and provide student access to corporate internships and scholarship. Contact Patti Adkisson, 465-6454.

The Juneau chapter is being organized by Adkisson, Native Rural Student Center advisor; Brendan Kelly, assistant professor of biology; and Randy Stahl, assistant professor of chemistry. The chapter holds a fund-raiser salmon dinner at DIPAC Friday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. for $5.00 per plate.

Faculty attend NFS conference

Five Juneau faculty attended the National Science Foundation regional conference, "Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Education," earlier this week. Vesna Kilibarda, Dean Webb, Ron Seator, Dave Marvel, and Cathy Connor heard speakers emphasize the need to improve the content area of secondary school education majors. They also met with physics, biology, and computer science faculty from UAF to consider collaborative teaching.

Jawrite continues

The Juneau Academic Writing Project (Jawrite) is beginning its second year. The project is dedicated to enhancing "Writing Across the Curriculum" and has focused on improving course-related journal writing. Among the faculty who have worked on the project during the first year are the following: Judy Andree, Roya Ansari, Jeanne Breinig, Don Cecil, Mike Ciri, Jo Devine, Vivian Hegg, Dave Maat, Jack McGee, Robert Sewell, and Chris Weaver.

Retirement seminar set

A faculty/staff retirement planning seminar will be offered Sept. 23 on the Juneau campus at 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and again from 1 - 2:30 p.m. The Lake Room sessions will be presented by Barry Eller of the Anchorage office of VALIC, one of the four investment vendors for the university optional retirement and pension programs. Lunch food will be provided. The investment information will be generic and it's not necessary to be invested in VALIC to attend.

Student discounts for symphony

UAS students and staff may attend the final open rehearsal of the Juneau Symphony, 10 a.m. until noon Saturday, Sept. 13. The 7 p.m. program includes a talk and live symphony music to two silent films: horror classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Berlin, Symphony of a Great City." Steve Tada, Facilities Planning and Construction, is symphony concertmaster.

Mona's computer tips

Staff or faculty taking UAS courses have a student computer account automatically created. Mona Yarnell of the computer staff suggests setting up the student account to forward mail to the staff or faculty account to prevent missed messages. An information sheet, "How to Forward Your Mail" is available in Whitehead 208 or call 465-6521 for a faxed copy.

Recent hires listed

  • Shari Gray, administrative assistant in the Professional Education and Training Center, Juneau.
  • Carl Byer, visiting assistant professor of math, Juneau.
  • David Dunning, assistant professor of history and political science, Ketchikan.
  • Lori Swain, administrative clerk, Sitka.
  • Robin Johnson, administrative clerk, Sitka.
  • John Bowman, visiting assistant professor of construction, Juneau.
  • Neil Whitehurst, training coordinator, Ketchikan.
  • Jason Cornelius, administrative clerk, Juneau.
  • Natasha Zahn, Learning Center.

    UAS Alumni

    The Alumni Association is preparing for the fall raffle to raise money for scholarships. Alumni also contributed $300 to the Juneau campus Welcome Back picnic that featured live music, food, and sumo wrestling.


    Friday, Sept. 12
  • Health Benefits Task Force, Novatney 202B, 1 - 2:30 p.m.
  • Wooch Een dinner/dance, DIPAC, 7 p.m.
  • Global Connections, 1 p.m. Lake Room.

    Saturday, Sept. 13,

  • Rafting trip, sign up at student activities.
  • Juneau Symphony concert, 8 p.m. JDHS.

    Sunday, Sept. 14

  • Family film, students free, 2 p.m., JDHS.
  • Free bowling at Channel Bowl, 9 p.m.

    Monday, Sept. 15

  • Election debate, 1 p.m., Mourant Cafe.

    Wednesday, Sept. 17

  • Student elections
  • System Governance Council, Novatney 202 B, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

    Thursday, Sept. 18

  • Student elections.

    Saturday, Sept. 20

  • Brewery tour, 3:30 p.m. must be 21.

    Sunday, Sept. 21

  • Free family swim, 6:30 - 8 p.m., pool.

    Tuesday, Sept. 23

  • Investment seminar, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1 - 2:30 p.m., Lake Room

    Thursday/Friday, Sept. 25, 26

  • Board of Regents, Fairbanks

    Saturday, Oct. 4

  • Tuxedo Junction, 8 p.m.