University of Alaska Southeast Faculty and Staff Newsletter December 5, 1997

Chancellor's Holiday Reception

The Chancellor's Holiday reception will be held in the Lake Room from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17, 1997. Jason Blackwell will be playing the piano. All students, faculty and staff are invited.

MAT degree offered

A new approach in preparing future elementary and secondary teachers is underway at the Juneau campus. The first class of students working to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) at the elementary level begins this summer.

"The (MAT) program provides a stronger background by having students complete their bachelors degree in a certain discipline," Dean of Faculty John Pugh said, "then spend an entire year learning how to become a teacher."

UAS is phasing out a bachelor of education degree in favor of reactivating the MAT program. In traditional four year education programs, students split their time between content classes and education classes. "This allows individuals to have a full four years in content," Pugh said.

MAT coordinator Mary-Claire Tarlow said, "The big difference in this program is the internship. That means the students will be in the schools working with teachers for an entire year." Another difference, according to Tarlow, is that MAT students will complete their year of study as a group.

MAT classes start in July. During the school year they will be interning in classrooms while also taking university classes. The MAT students will conclude coursework the following June on campus, completing the degree on one year. The class is limited to 20 students. Anyone with a bachelor's degree is eligible to apply. Application forms are available at UAS and must be returned by March 15. For information contact Dr. Mary-Claire Tarlow at 465-6435 or Lee Ann Pilcher at 465-6429.

Mary-Claire Tarlow, MAT coordinator.

Sitka Campus

Mary Lauer, Continuing Education Coordinator, has been reappointed to her second term and elected to chair the AVTEC Board of Directors during the upcoming year. She will also be coordinating a short-term training certificate program for entry level employees working with at-risk youth offered in Sitka February 2-13.

Teresa Holt, director of the Learning Center, has been selected to chair the Sitka Workforce Development Task Force, working with the City, Department of Labor, Sitka Tribe, and other partners on projects to strengthen Sitka's employment base and to respond to welfare reform issues.

Dr. John Carnegie, Environmental Technology faculty, attended the National Science Foundation project director's annual meeting in Washington DC.

Joe Liddle, Math faculty, attended the 10th Annual International Conference on Technology and Collegiate Mathematics in Chicago.

Elaine Sunde, Sitka director, attended the national Commission on Economic and Workforce Development of the AACC, along with the annual FIPSE project director's meeting in Washington DC.

Kathie Etulain, chair of the UAS Career Education faculty, is leading a statewide planning group to plan and develop a baccalaureate distance- delivered program in social work/human services. Meeting with faculties from UAA and UAF, she expects to have a final proposal for the University of Alaska Learning Cooperative and SAC within the next few months.

Steve Smith from UAF, Karen Crane from the State Library, and representatives of the Anchorage School District traveled to Sitka on November 17-18 to launch a cooperative library services planning project of the Sitka Education Consortium. The goal of the project is to develop increased cooperation among UAS, Sheldon Jackson College, the Sitka School District, Mt. Edgecumbe High School, and the Sitka municipal library to support educational library services.

The Business Office hosted an all-day open house on November 19. Refreshments and door prizes lured staff, faculty, and students in. Lessons in proper completion of purchase requisitions, travel regulations, and petty cash procedures were made most palatable with banana bread and cookies.

Tim Schroeder, Coordinator of Student Services, will visit Wrangell December 4-5 for student advising and to meet with potential students and parents regarding UAS programs.

Ketchikan Campus

The Ketchikan campus honor society, Alpha Rho Beta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, held its induction ceremony for new members on Saturday November 22. New members are Janice Bersuendsen, MIchele Hastings, Lori Kamm and Naona Sharp.

Juneau World Affairs Council seeking members

The Juneau World Affairs Council currently has several vacancies on its 15-member board and is seeking applications from UAS. JWAC is an educational, nonprofit organization that sponsors speakers on international and global issues. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to apply. For more information or to receive an application, call Joe Sonneman, JWAC president, at 463-2624 or write to JWAC at Box 20201, Juneau, AK 99801.

Faculty News

Robin Walz had an article published in the Tapis-Franc, Journal of the Popular Novel Special Issue: History and the Popular Novel No. 8 1997. His article is titled "Nestor Burma, Shock Detective: Leo Malet's Mystery Novels during the Nazi Occupation of France." Dominique Kalifa, cultural historian from the University of Paris VII, writes in the introductory essay: "Without a doubt, Robin Walz's article on the early adventures of Nestor Burma is the most original essay in this volume."

Brendan Kelly and Beth Mathews reviewed draft marine mammal stock assessments as members of the Alaska Scientific Review Group. The Alaska SRG reviews marine mammal stock assessments and research and management plans for the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The group met in Seattle on Oct. 21-23.

On Nov. 5, Brendan Kelly spoke on ice seals of the Arctic and Beth Mathews presented a talk on harbor seals in Glacier Bay. Both participated in a panel discussion on marine mammal management in Alaska at the first Sitka Whale Fest.

On Nov. 17, Brendan Kelly represented the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission in a meeting to develop a bilateral treaty between the U.S. and Russia concerning management of the Pacific walrus. The meeting was held in Fairbanks.

Kelly also coauthored the article "Status of the Pacific walrus population, 1950-1989 published in the Marine Mammal Science 13:537-565, and coauthored two papers that were recently accepted for presentation at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Monaco in January 1998.

On Nov. 18-20, Kelly attended the thirty-sixth meeting of the Marine Mammal Commission also held in Fairbanks.

Clive Thomas will be speaking at the Global Connections meeting on Dec. 12 at 1 p.m. in the Lake Room. He will be sharing his experiences so far living and teaching in Belgium and lecturing in different European countries.

Donation boxes out

Large holiday-decorated cardboard boxes have been placed around campus for UAS employees to place Glory Hole donations. Boxes are located at the BRC, MTC, Library and R&R. Clean clothing, winter coats and mittens, toys, canned food, and blankets are all welcome. Donations will be delivered to the Glory Hole on December 19 at noon.

French student speaks on higher education

Philippe Singer, a French student at UAS, will be speaking at a special Global Connections meeting on Monday, December 8 at noon in the Lake Room. He will be talking about living in Northern France and about the differences he has noticed between higher education in the U.S. and in France.

Stress Break Breakfast

Faculty and staff will be serving up OJ and pancakes from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 11 to all students who want to attend. Anyone wanting to sign up for cooking , serving, or cleanup duties, please contact Tish at 6529.

Payroll deduction for KTOO pledges

Employees can pledge to Alaska One (KTOO) with a payroll deduction. Please contact Nancy Woods at 465-6507 for the deduction form.

Audio Seminar for Online Courses

An audio course will be offered for faculty who teach online courses "Intellectual Property & Copyright Law for Online Courses: What You Need To Know!" Wednesday, December 10 From 9:30-11 a.m. in room 211 of the Egan Library. Topics discussed will include: copyright basics, what copyright law protects and for how long, what is included in the "bundle of rights," fair use, ownership rules, how to apply analog rules to the digital world, specific distance learning copyright issues, exploiting archival collections, what you can do with things found online, digitizing analog images, incorporating one work within another work, creating derivative works, protecting multimedia creations, the impact of the new technological environment on the 1976 Copyright Act, recent efforts to clarify the application of the Act to the Internet, pending legislation in Congress including the World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty of Copyrights, the Clinton Administration's legislation to implement the treaty, and other broader bills dealing with treaty implementation, online copyright infringement, liability, the applicability of fair use and the educational use exception of current law to the online digital environment.

An audiotape of the seminar will be ordered and available for checkout. Before attending this seminar, check out the website

RIP deadline

All employees participating in RIP need to complete and return their paperwork to the Regional Personnel Office (Juneau) by 5 p.m. Dec. 12. Questions? Call Kirk McAllister at 465-6473.

Library extends hours

The Egan library has extended hours on Saturday, December 6 and 13, from 1-8 p.m. Visitor Industry Program offers video teleconference ,h2> VIP gets grant On December 5, 1997 the Visitor Industry Program through a grant from Alaska Airlines is offering an full day video teleconference entitled "The Prepared Employer: Preventing Employee Problems in the Visitor Industry." The speakers includes two attorneys and the chief of the State Wage and Hour Arbitration and Mediation Group. The luncheon topic is "The Challenges of Hiring Generation X." The video teleconference will be broadcast in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Sitka and Wrangell.

Thefts on the rise

Recently, several UAS employees have had valuable, personal items stolen from their offices or desks. Just a reminder to lock your office door or desk drawer when you leave.


Monday, December 8
  • Global Connections presentation: Noon, Lake Room>br>
  • American Bald Eagle Jay Hammond Research Institute. Board meeting dinner retreat. 5:30-8:30 p.m. UAS Mourant Building, Lake Room.

    Wednesday, December 10

  • "Intellectual Property and Copyright Law for Online Courses: What you need to Know!"9:30-11 a.m.. Library, Rm. 211
  • Special Finance, Facilities and Land Management Committee meeting: 1-5 p.m., Chancellor's Conference Room, UAA.
  • Storytelling: 7 p.m. HB 113, Refreshments served during intermission. Kids welcome.

    Thursday, December 11

  • Stress Break Breakfast: 9:30-10:30 a.m. Faculty and staff will serve OJ and pancakes. All faculty and staff welcome.

    Wednesday, December 17

  • Board of Regents meet with AK Legislators. Legislative Information Office Conference Room, 716 W. 4th Street, Anchorage.
  • Special Audit Committee Meeting, Chancellor's Conference Room, UAA. 2-4 p.m.
  • Chancellor's Holiday reception. Lake Room. 3-5 p.m. For students, faculty and staff.