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Sitka Happenings

Pictures and Captions from Sitka

Debbie and Kim

Debby Sonnenburg and Kim Davis chat at lunch during the All Campus Convocation in Sitka January 9. Informational meetings were held for faculty in the morning and faculty and staff in the afternoon.

Bill SpiveyBill Spivey had everyone's attention when he demonstrated ergonomic do's and don'ts that can help (or hurt) employees in their workstations. Bill made a potentially "dry" subject lively and fun.

CNA Graduation took place on Saturday, December 16 at UAS Sitka Campus. A reception and potluck followed the ceremony.

CNA Grads

BACK ROW: Roverto Castro, Tonya Moore, Michelle Fleming, Melinda Bizon, Jordana Hazam
FRONT ROW: Debra Rose Gifford, Kayla Cooper, Julia Gluth, Charlene Hoffay, Amanda Hawkins.


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