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More about February FAFSA Frenzy!

What is February FAFSA Frenzy (FFF)?

FFF is a series of financial aid workshops and activities to be held in February across the UA system. FFF events will let students know about the aid options for which they may qualify and encourage them to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the end of February.

Why FFF?
Students often mistakenly believe that applying for financial aid is a complex and difficult process. They also commonly underestimate the extent to which they qualify for aid. FFF is a combined effort by the UA financial aid offices to correct these misperceptions. It will be staged as a lighthearted campaign incorporating a theme and prizes.

What’s our benchmark?
UA’s existing efforts have already proven to be successful.  The promotion of financial aid awareness across the UA system has resulted in a steady increase in the number of FAFSA applications completed by our students. Approximately 12,000 of the applications last year were received online, the fastest and most efficient method of delivering this service to students. In FY06, $33.2 million of the total $91 million in financial aid delivered at UA was “non-loan” aid. A primary goal of FFF is to help students attend college by maximizing their non-loan aid, minimizing their potential loan debt.

What are some of the FFF events and activities?
Financial aid staff will conduct FAFSA workshops at high schools and on UA campuses. A variety of financial aid workshops will be held for current students and for parents of future college students. Additional items will include prizes, mailing FAFSA kits to Alaska’s high school counselors, and submitting articles to student and local newspapers.

What is the difference between FFF and College Goal Sunday?
College Goal Sunday is sponsored by CASHE, a volunteer event held annually at a number of locations across Alaska. It is targeted toward high school seniors and potential first-generation students. UA financial aid staff members are heavily involved in College Goal Sunday, and it will be one of many events that make up FFF. The key difference is that FFF focuses primarily on current UA students, while College Goal Sunday focuses more on potential students.

Information Contact:

UAA Ted Malone  786-1520
Tamara Hornbuckle 474-6628
UAF Deanna Dieringer 474-6629
UAS Barbara Burnett 796-6296
UA Ramona McAfee 450-8144 ramona.mcafee@alask

UAS Financial Aid Director Barbara Burnett: 796-6255


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