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Wine and Chocolate

February 14th was the 2nd Annual Wine and Chocolate fund raising event for the student association here in Ketchikan. The turn out was good and we were able to raise $1408, after our expenses.


The event was held at Salmon Landing at Fat Stan’s. Gary Fournier from Alaska Distributors provided a lovely selection of wines including a couple varieties of champagne. We also received a nice surprise donation from Ketchikandies. When we picked up the raffle prize we purchased, they donated a 2lbs box of candy that we included in the raffle as a bonus prize.

I want to give a special thanks to Brenda Hurley for staffing the event with me, and thanks to all of my co-workers who donated the delicious desserts:
Abby Kosmos
Marty West
Gail Klein
Gwenna Richardson
Judi Parrott
Karen Ramsey
Dawn Montgomery
Julia Guthrie
Brenda Hurley
Cathy LeCompte
Clare Bennett


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