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Poetry Omnibus

UAS English Faculty members Emily Wall and Nina Chordas join their current and former students on the bus. Well their poems are on the bus; they are all winners of the Poetry Omnibus competition. UAS Students: - Elizabeth Cuadra - Richard Stokes - Robyn Holloway (a UAS alumn) - Aleria Jensen

The Poetry Omnibus Awards Ceremony and Reading is Saturday, March 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the Downtown Public Library. The Friends of the Library will provide reception food and the winners will read their poems. This will be the first chance to see the bus poems, both as poem-placards and in a book

Also attend “Poetry Omnibus” installation ceremony on Friday, March 9 at noon at Marine Park during which the buses will perform and the poem-placards will be put onboard.

Adult poems
The Width                                by Valorie Aquino
Wedges of Ducks                     by Mary Capobianco
April Squall                              by Nina Chordas
Workday Done                        by Tamara Clover
Vernal Equinox                         by Carol Coyle
Wind's Dream                          by Elizabeth Cuadra
In Winter                                  by Linda Daniel
Le jardin                                   by Nancy DeCherney
Juneau limerick                         by Jim Hale
Shedding Summer                     by Robyn Holloway
Another Subaru                        by Robyn Holloway
Christmas morning                    by Aleria Jensen
Winter Vocabulary                   by Aleria Jensen
Snow is Forecast                      by Jonas Lamb
alaskan coasts                         by Jeff McLain
Merging                                    by Richard Stokes
Living in the City                       by Emily Wall
Saturday a.m.                           by Emily Wall
Saying Thank You                    by Emily Wall
Rendezvous                              by Charmain Weeks

Youth poems
Tiny Snowflakes                       by Isabelle Watts
Volcano                                   by Elizabeth Wharton
Stitch by Stitch                         by Jared Markovich
Lightning                                   by Laurie DeBolt
Snowflake                                by Samantha Heidersdorf
Flying Squirrel                          by Brady Mallinger


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