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Student Employee of the Month

Alex Bogolepov Earns Student Employee of the Month Honors for March

AlexAlex Bogolepov, a third-year international student from Russia who works in the Academic Exchange & Study Abroad Office, received the Student Employee of the Month Award for March from Vice Chancellor of Student Services Richard Dent during a brief ceremony in the Lake Room on Wednesday, March 30. Alex is the third recipient of this new award recognizing student employees for their exemplary service to the university.

“Alex is an intelligent young man with curiosity and creativity exuding from his pores,” says Academic Exchange & Study Abroad Coordinator Marsha Squires, who nominated Alex for the award. “From day one, Alex has always been interested in the goals of this office, how it functions, and its opportunities for students. He is reliable, thorough, knowledgeable, level-headed, and motivated. He takes initiative to begin to tackle tasks that need to be completed even if they are the dullest or hardest projects of all.”

“Alex goes beyond what is expected of him. An example would be the organization of the Global Connections club activities on campus. He offers hours of extra time connecting the incoming students to our campus as well as the outgoing exchange and study abroad participants to opportunities to adapt and share their experiences. He is also willing to help other staff when requested,” adds Squires.

Besides working in the Academic Exchange office, Alex also has participated in one of its programs – the National Student Exchange.  “Twice he has spread his wings and experienced other parts of the US through this program,” says Squires.  “Because of his unique experiences, he has been even more supportive and has brought interesting and new ideas and thoughts back to the office. Most likely, he is one of the most knowledgeable people on campus when it comes to the ins and outs of all our programs.”

As an international student, Alex also knows first hand the issues that face international students who come to UAS.  “He has opened my eyes to subtleties and will call me on things that he thinks may not be clear or understood correctly,” adds Squires.

Alex initially worked at UAS for the Admissions Office, where is also remembered as an outstanding student worker. He began working for Squires during the 2004-05 school and, with the exception of the two semesters he was on exchange, he has continued working for her office.

Squires concluded, “There is no doubt that the success of this office is due to the partnership we have created, his outstanding work and attention to detail, and his creative flare. I am so very lucky to be working with such an outstanding student employee, and so lucky to have met such a fine young man.”


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