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UAS Advising Retreat

The Gang of 16; the UAS Advising Retreat (back row) Elizabeth Williams, Carol Comolli, Jean Richey, Marsha Squires, Laura Hosey, Cynthia Rogers, Christopher Hoyt, Valentina Jimmerson, Kolene James, Steve Laing (front row) Karen Donovan, Heather Beaudette, Deb Gregoire, Sarah Harvey, Gail Klein, Jeffrey Loftus

Group PhotoHistory was made at UAS in late May as a group of 16 academic advising professionals, representing faculty and staff from all three Southeast campuses, met for an intensive two day retreat in late May.   The Advising Retreat was launched as a way to enhance the connections between advising professionals at UAS. The goal is to review advising policies and procedures in able to develop the framework for both an advising mission statement and manual, as well as to provide valuable information and training.

The group began the process of documenting valuable institutional knowledge in the advising arena for the purpose of enhancing our services to both residential and distance students. Participants shared tips, tools, resources and ideas to support academic advising practices throughout the region.

John French provided instruction in the MyUA Portal and suggested ways of sharing resources and maintaining dialogue in the "groups function" of this powerful new tool.

The UAS Advising Group is committed to working collectively and supporting one another and, by extension, each of the different schools, departments, and campuses in the area of academic advising. A special thanks goes to Deb Gregoire and Laura Hosey for all their hard work in coordinating this historical two-day event.

Inquiries about the advising group retreat or academic advising in general can be directed to Deb Gregoire, Academic Advisor, Student Resource Center at 796.6439 or email


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