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Brave Heart Bowl Fund-raiser Success

"The third annual Brave Heart Bowl Fund-raiser was the greatest success yet"

The Brave Heart Bowl is a joint effort of the Brave Heart Volunteers (a care giving, respite and educational group) and the UAS Sitka campus Pottery Club. This year 216 bowls were created by the pottery club and local potters. On the evening of the event, participants buy one of the pottery bowls, fill it with their choice of many delicious soups and bread, and enjoy a great dinner. They keep their chosen bowl. Other bowls are sold in a silent auction. The event raised a gross total of $7,691, 15% going to the Pottery Club and 85% going to Brave Heart Volunteers who use the funding to keep their program services free of charge and available to all Sitkans (visiting shut-ins, end-of-life support, and training volunteers).

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