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Heavner in DC in January

The Changing Climate: Making Earth Science Relevant Again in Light of Global Warming.

Matt Heavner, UAS Juneau Assistant Professor of Physics, traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the Federation of Earth Science Information Partnership Winter Meeting held January 9-10, 2008, "The Changing Climate:  Making Earth Science Relevant Again in Light of Global Warming."

Dr. Heavner presented a poster and demonstration of "The SEAMONSTER (Southeast Alaska Monitoring Network for Science Telecommunications Education and Research) Sensor Web: Lessons and Opportunities after One Year.”

The poster utilizes Google Earth software to show the Lemon Creek watershed and how SEAMONSTER weather stations and water quality monitoring indicate how watersheds in Southeast Alaska are responding to melting of the Juneau Ice Sheet due to climate change. The goal is to learn how changing water quality conditions may impact aspects of the food chain such as salmon spawning.

Weather station instrumentation checks meteorological conditions on the glacier and i.e. glacier lake outbursts and floods that may impact water quality downstream. Water quality checks are for turbity, pH and dissolved nutrients in Lemon Creek.


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