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Acclaimed Mid-East Diplomat Lecture

Author-Diplomat Rory Stewart delivered a riveting talk to a packed Egan Library audience the evening of Saturday, March 1.

The 38-year-old hails from a long legacy of British Mid-East diplomats. Stewart discussed the disconnect between the goal of building democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ancient tribal traditions and rivalries that exist in those places. He flew direct to Juneau from Kabul, Afghanistan,  where he is the Chief Executive of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, which is investing in the regeneration of the historic commercial centre of Kabul, providing basic services, saving historic buildings and constructing a new bazaar and galleries for traditional craft businesses. Stewart was awarded the Order of the British Empire and named a Fellow of the Carr Centre at Harvard University in 2004.

At the UAS event, Stewart also discussed his latest book, The Prince of Marshes, about his year negotiating hostage releases as the appointed deputy governor of two provinces in southern Iraq. Stewart’s book on his walk across Afghanistan, The Places in Between was named one of the New York Times Ten Best Books of 2006.  Stewart visited UAS Professor Robin Walz’s World History Friday morning at the Egan Lecture Hall where he gave a thoughtful talk that inspired good questions from students.

His visit was organized by UAS environmental science faculty Eran Hood and presented by the University of Alaska Southeast and the UA Geography program with funding from BP and Conoco Phillips.


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