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Start Your Life Adventure at UAS


A while back we polled the UAS community for three words that distinguish us in the realm of higher, career and distance education. The response was helpful and varied. Thank you!

You may have noticed these three iconic words below our whale’s tale logo: Learn. Engage. Change. Our team of representatives from student services, admissions, the chancellor’s and the provost’s office has settled on these words. They are subject to open interpretation to prospective students, whether just out of high school or going back to grad school.

This logo modification is fundamental to our branding strategy. Our goal is to raise our profile, build pride and attract more students. Consistency in how our logo is presented is important to grow UAS in both quality and stature. A strong and consistent visual identity helps shape the way key constituents view UAS, both now and in the future.

Stay tuned for guidelines on how to use it on everything from letterhead to party balloons.

We still want to hear from you. Here’s the next question: How can one learn, engage and change at UAS at like no other place?

To get you started, please visit our Learn. Engage. Change page of our Public and Media Realtions Web site.

Then shoot an email to with your suggestions.

Thanks for your help!


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