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UAS Anthropology Faculty Work Featured in National Science Journals

Erica Hill featured in Nature and Science Daily

Erica Hill participated in a ground breaking Russian-American research expedition that suggests prehistoric cultures were hunting whales at least 3,000 years ago, 1,000 years earlier than was previously known. The research was featured in the journals Nature and Science Daily.

Hill served as lab manager and zooarchaeologist in the joint US-Russian Chukotka archaeological project. The research group was based out of the small village of Nunligran on the southern coast of Chukotka.

University of Alaska Museum of the North archaeology curator Daniel Odess presented the team’s findings at a recent Society for American Archaeology annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition to Hill, members of the team were from Richard Stockton College (New Jersey), the Kunstkamera Museum in St. Petersburg and the Institute for Heritage in Moscow. The team also included several Chukotka residents; UAF graduate student Sarah Meitl and Tim Williams, a Fairbanks high school student and volunteer in Odess’ research lab.

Funding was provided by the Shared Beringian Heritage Program and the National Science Foundation.


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