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Retiring Faculty Honored at Graduation

“Both will retire this year and we honor them today..."

Ron Seater and Alice TersteegChancellor John Pugh honored retiring faculty Alice Tersteeg and Ron Seater at the 2008 UAS graduation ceremony May 4.

Tersteeg taught at UAS for 32 years.  Her list of accomplishments at UAS included converting the print studio to the strict use of non-toxic materials, initiating the Northwest Coast Art program and spearheading the new BA in Art. Alice has served on art panels in Juneau and continues to exhibit her original artwork.  According to Associate Professor Jane Terzis, “Alice has inspired art program students to develop their skills and bring forth beautiful and inspiring work for the Juneau community and the world.”

Ron Seater started in teaching mathematics at UAS in 1984.  Associate Professor Brian Blitz says Professor Seater really cares for his students. He wants them to succeed in their classes, but he holds them to a high standard so that they will be more likely to succeed in their next math class as well as their lives.  His relentless work ethic included a 7 a.m. start time and work on weekends.  Ron Seater was a mentor to faculty from several disciplines over the past 24 years.

Chancellor Pugh said, “Both will retire this year and we honor them today. Thank you both for your commitment to the students of the University of Alaska Southeast. I wish you the best in your retirement.”


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