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University of Alaska-Southeast Sustainability in Action

Campus Dining Program Changes Positively Impact Environment

By Nana Management Services

JUNEAU, AK. November 10, 2008 — Simple acts can have a big impact. The University of Alaska-Southeast and NMS, the dining services provider for the UAS community, have partnered to introduce a variety of environmentally-friendly practices as part of the institutions’ sustainability initiative. A small sample of the programs that have been executed to date include:

Purchased china for use in Mourant Café to reduce the amount of disposable items destined for the landfill

Provided biodegradable disposable containers for those who desire to enjoy their meal outside the Café.

Implemented the Apex program for more efficient dishwashing. This program provides an additional benefit of reducing packaging for the detergent by 95% over the previous product, reducing both shipping weights and landfill waste.

Introduced the Xpressnap® napkin program that utilizes 100% post-consumer recycled products versus virgin fiber paper.

The introduction of the Xpressnap® napkin program will have a significant impact on the environment. The Recycled Products Cooperative (RPC) has calculated that each ton of 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper that displaces a ton of virgin fiber paper saves 7,000 gallons of water, 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity and prevents 60 pounds of pollutants from entering the atmosphere. In addition, use of recycled products aids in the protection of wildlife habitat, diverts useful items from landfills (which saves both space and money), and helps preserve the earth’s natural beauty.

“The students, staff and faculty have been asking for this for years! We certainly appreciate NMS’ commitment and their ability to deliver on this sustainability issue. We applaud the effort and know that even though it will cost a bit more, it’s the right thing to do!"said Tish Satre, Student Services Director.

“I’m thrilled with the positive response we have received from the campus community, “stated John Ames, UAS Campus Dining General Manager. “Each of these small actions multiplied by the many people we serve each day will have a tremendous impact on our environment-today and in the future.” This is just the beginning of the Campus Dining sustainability journey. Future programs include composting of food waste and searching for additional methods to reduce, reuse and recycle.


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