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Adventure in Peru!

Monteith and Wakefield to take 15 students to Peru from Dec. 12 - Jan. 14.

A joint Anthropology and Spanish initiative has fifteen UAS students in Peru December 12-January 14 with faculty Dan Monteith and Claudia Wakefield for a three week course. “We’ll visit some important archeological sites (such as the very well known Machu Picchu), Titi Caca Lake in the border with Bolivia, Puno, Cusco and we’ll finish with a trip to the jungle,” said Wakefield. Arlo Midgett of Media services is along to document the journey via digital video.

“Arlo will prepare a short movie of the entire experience and we look forward to share it with the entire community at UAS when we get back,” Wakefield added.

This experience is offered as an Anthropology class (Anth 393) and Spanish class (Spanish 331). Students will have unique opportunities, such as having direct contact with the Quechua people of the highland Andes or spending a few days with a local family. They’ll face the challenge to practice their Spanish for everyday activities, such as finding a place to sleep, buy a bus ticket, ordering food or bargaining at the local market.

Monteith writes, “The purpose of the course is to give students a month long experience of Spanish immersion and Archeology and Cultures of Peru. Students develop and organize many of their day to day travel experiences. This develops language speaking and comprehension. My focus is simple. The students have the opportunity to visit famous Peruvian archeological sites and museums. The highlight is a four day hike on the Inca trail ending at Machu Pichu.”


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