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UAS Envs Faculty and Undergraduates Presenting in San Francisco

Integrating Data and Technology in Education, December 15-19, 2008

Several UAS Environmental Science faculty and students* are participating in the 2008 Fall American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, December 15-19, 2008. Cathy Connor is chairing the session “Integrating Data and Technology in Education: Novel Ways to Promote Earth Science Literacy I & II” and Matt Heavner is chairing the session “Information Technology Infusion: Successful Strategies II.”

Presentations include:

Exploring the links between transient water inputs and glacier velocity in a small temperate glacier in southeastern Alaska
M. Habermann, E. Hood, M. Heavner, R. Motyka

Regional watershed discharge patterns in Southeast Alaska: Implications of climate change
R. T. Edwards, F. Biles, D. D’Amore, E. Hood (oral)

Glacier Change and Biologic Succession: a new Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) Science Camp Module for Grades 8-12 in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
C. L. Connor, J. Drake, C. Good, R. Fatland, M. Hakala, R. Woodford, R. Donohoe, R. Brenner, T. Moriarty (poster)

Glacier runoff as a source of labile dissolved organic matter for near-shore marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Alaska
E. Hood, J. Fellman, R. Spencer, R. Edwards, D. D’Amore (poster)

Biodegradability of terrigenous dissolved organic matter in estuaries draining glacial and wetland-dominated watersheds
J. B. Fellman, E.Hood, R. G. Spencer, R. T. Edwards, D. V D’Amore, P.J. Hernes

Changing Lake Bathymetry with Deglaciation: The Mendenhall Glacier System
C. Connor, N. Korzen*, E Knuth, D Sauer*, M. Heavner

Pain and Gaps in IT Infusion
D. R. Fatland, C. Van Ingen, B. Beran, M.Heavner, M. Habermann, L. Berner

Sensor Webs and Virtual Globes: Enabling Understanding of Changes in a partially Glaciated Watershed
M. Heavner, D. R. Fatland, M. Habermann, L.Berner, E. Hood, C. Connor, J. Galbraith*, E. Knuth*, W. O’Brien

The Geophysical Institute Magnetometer Array: Making Real-Time Geophysical Measurements Available for Operational Space Weather Needs
J. Galbraith*, M. Heavner, D. Wilkinson

Recruiting first generation college students into the Geosciences Alaska’s EDGE project
A. Prakash, C. Connor

A wireless partially glaciated watershed in a virtual globe: Integrating data, models, and visualization to increase climate change understanding
J. Jones*, E. Hood, D. R. Fatland, L. Berner, M. Heavner, C. Connor, W. O’Brien


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