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I Know I Can Read – 2009

The I Know I Can Read event is coming up!!

UAS Alumni & Friends is trying to find volunteers who are willing to help with this worthwhile activity. Here are the details:

The events will take place at Mendenhall Valley, Gastineau and Glacier Valley Elementary schools the week of February 23rd. There are tentative plans to present at two schools on one day (the 23rd) and one school the second day (the 24th), or vice versa.

Volunteers need only participate once at one school, unless they would like to participate more than that. They are very flexible at assigning a volunteer to a specific school, if they so choose.

The reading and associated activity will place in second-grade classrooms and last approximately one hour; volunteers will likely need to plan on 1.5 - 2 hours total, to allow for driving/prep time.

There will be an orientation/training session for those that would like to attend, at a date to be announced. It is not mandatory, but is recommended.
If prospective volunteers have any questions, they can contact JoAnn Rieselbach at 465.6779 or email at joann.rieselbach@

Here is a description of the I Know I Can program:

This will be the third year the University of Alaska College Savings Plan, in association with the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, has coordinated this event, held in Fairbanks, Galena, Anchorage, Juneau and Bethel. Postsecondary education alumni volunteers read the story “I Know I Can,” to students. The story, designed for children in second grade, uses animal characters to issue a message designed to encourage children to begin thinking about career exploration and its connection to higher education. Studies have shown students who start thinking about careers and the connection to postsecondary education at an early age have a greater likelihood of remaining in school, graduating, and continuing their education beyond high school. The volunteers facilitate a discussion prior to reading the story, and following the reading, students draw and color a special postcard, identifying what they want to be when they grow up. These postcards are mailed back to students in their 5th grade year, the same year they participate in the district-wide “I’m Going To College” event; this provides a continuum for the students, one that continues through high school. Students are given their own copy of the storybook, which contains activities for them to enjoy at home. Last year, Auke Bay, Gastineau and Mendenhall River participated in this event. This year, we are hoping that your school would be willing to take part in this worthwhile event.


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