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Transportation Problem Solved

by TRIO Staff and Participants

TRiO is a federally funded student support program that can offer great services and resources to students. We can lend computers, calculators, books and other technology. We can offer field trips and give out tickets to Perseverance Theater and a Berners Bay Cruise. Problem: we cannot use the grant money to provide transportation to any of these events. Transportation is a need for many of our students. Since the grant money cannot be used to meet this essential need, we went to the Student Alumni Association. For the last two semesters they have given us a grant to use for bus passes and our students have had reliable transportation to campus for classes or special events, to their jobs, and to cultural and educational events sponsored by TRiO. These students are very appreciative and have thanked TRiO repeatedly. TRiO would like to publicly thank those actually responsible –The Student Alumni Association! Their generous attention to the needs of students is sincerely appreciated.

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