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Native Oratory Contest

by Kolene James, UAS Native and Rural Student Center

Wooch.een celebrates the success of the 7th Annual Native Oratory Contest Saturday, March 7, 2009 at the Juneau campus. Here are the placements for the following categories:

Native Language:

Amanda Bremner, 1st place UAS PITAAS Student
Joseph Yates, 2nd place UAS PITAAS Student
Kassandra Littleἀeld, 3rd UAS PITAAS Student
Vanessa, Participant Home school Student
Leandrea, Participant JDHS Student
Ralph Wolfe, Participant UAS PITAAS Student
Jessica Isturis, Participant UAS Student
Judges: Lillian Austin, Irene Cadiente, Keri Edwards,  Vicki Soboleff


Ishmael Hope, 1st place UAS Student
Ralph Wolfe, 2nd place UAS PITAAS Student
Joseph Yates, 3rd place UAS PITAAS Student
Michael Love, Participant UAS Student
Judges: Larry Harris, Patti Bippus, Atricia Makaily

Dramatic Declamation:

Amanda Bremner, 1st place UAS PITAAS Student
Ralph Wolfe, 2nd place UAS PITAAS Student
Jomarie Alba, 3rd place UAS Ketchikan Student
Joseph Yates, Participant UAS PITAAS Student
Leandrea, Participant JDHS Student
Vanessa, Participant Home School Student
Judges: Carmen Harris, Kay McCarthy, Kathy Ruddy,  Carrie Enge


Gloria Anderstrom, 1st place UAS PITAAS Student
Ralph Wolfe, 2nd place UAS PITAAS Student
Cydney, 3rd place TMHS Student
Jessica Barranco, Participant UAS Student
Judges: Diana Gifford, Laury Scandling, Brad Fleutsch, Dionne Cadiente-Laiti
Afternoon Tallying: Evelyn Williams, Charlotte Siverly

Student Oratory participants covered a rainbow of issues touching our hearts and minds. Student Dramatic Declamation participants brought our history to life. Student Storytelling participants painted scenes of wonder and excitement. Student Language participants validated our ancestors, elders, and teachers efforts to keep our languages alive. To all of the students: we are proud of you!

Wooch.een would like thank all of the volunteer judges, guest speakers, time keepers, and tally people without your presence we would not have had such a successful event. unalchéesh to our special guest speakers Elder David Katzeek and the Dauenhauers. We would also like to recognize the following contributors, without their donations we would not be able to host these amazing events: The Chancellor’s Fund, PITAAS, Goldbelt Corporation, Huna Heritage Foundation, Tlingit & Haida Central Council, UAS Student Government!

We would like to thank TRiO Carol Comolli for assisting with check in, and the morning judges who provided feed back to our students: Jill Bukert, Joe Nelson, Phyllis Carlson, Barbara Cadiente-Nelson, Beatrice Franklin, Bruce Gifford, Jacque Tagaban, Kathy Ruddy, Karen Mitchell, Dan Montieth, Linda Johnson, Pua Maunu, Carrie Enge, Richard & Nora Dauenhauer. Students were able to apply the morning judges valuable input towards their competition round.


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