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Environmental Science Faculty in Norway

Dr. Matt Heavner, Associate Professor of Physics in Juneau, participated in the Subglacial Processes Workshop sponsored by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate at Svartissen Glacier in Northern Norway.

Dr. Heavner in the tunnel leading to the subglacial laboratory.Dr. Heavner presented research based on his work with Drs. Eran Hood and Cathy Connor as well as Logan Berner (UAS alumni), Nick Korzen (UAS student), Marijke Habberman (UAS employee, now UAF graduate student), and many other UAS students. Dr. Heavner’s presented his documentation in an unusual, albeit appropriate location, in a tunnel under 200 meters (600 feet) of glacier.

Heavner’s presentation was on the research of using a sensor web to monitor englacial and subglacial water migration in Lemon Creek Glacier and Mendenhall Glacier.

The Svartissen glacier was used as a large hydroelectric power generation project involving a large tunnel drilled through the bedrock below the glacier. A subglacial laboratory was built at the top of the bedrock/bottom of the glacier and was the location for the workshop March 23-25, 2009.

Dr. Heavner in the tunnel leading to the subglacial laboratory. The hike through the tunnel was approximately 2 miles.


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