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New Program Partnerships at BRC

The two biggest changes at the BRC are related to Career Education’s partnerships.

Corporate Training
Room 110, the “Corporate Training Room” is a classroom dedicated to corporate trainings in support of a new partnership between Career Education and UA Corporate Programs. All trainings set up through UA Corporate Programs will be scheduled through Colby Shibler, Program Coordinator in Career Education. Scheduling priority will be given to corporate training, though anyone is welcome to use the room depending on availability. The room may be scheduled for purposes other than corporate training through Room Scheduling at 796-6459.

Marine Transportation
There has always been a need for Marine Transportation classes in Juneau with the large population of commercial mariners as well as the boating public. Previously that need was met by traveling faculty from the Marine Transportation Department in Ketchikan or adjuncts from other locations. Since the Fall of 2007, a Juneau resident has been teaching those classes. Assistant Professor Neil Nickerson (shown in photo) is a licensed mariner with over 26 years of experience on the water as a Coast Guard Officer, towing Mate, Mate with the Alaska Marine Highway, surf guide and sailing charter Captain. Neil’s current class offerings include: 100 Ton Master/Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels, Upgrade to 200 Ton Master, Able Seaman, Basic Safety Training, Crowd and Crisis Management, and Rating Forming Part of a Navigation Watch. For more information about Marine Transportation classes being taught in Juneau call Neil Nickerson at 796-6153.


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