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UAS Students Do Well in Anchorage

by Kolene James

Each year I attend the Annual Statewide Oratory Competition with four student representatives from UAS, and each year I am in complete admiration of our students! Combining traditional knowledge with western education, students manage to knock down any communication barriers between Native and Non-Native entities, expressing from their hearts, the love and respect they have for their culture, providing fresh energy and solutions to the challenges that we face in our communities, State, and Country! The weekend of April 03 – 04, University of Alaska Anchorage hosted the 9th Annual Statewide Oratory Competition! With pride, UAS had student representation in the following four categories: Amanda Bremner for Native Language, Gloria Anderstrom for Oratory, Ishmael Hope for Storytelling, and Ralph Wolfe for Dramatic Declamation. What a compliment to all of the students’ teachers both traditional and contemporary! Our students were AMAZING!

Here’s how UAS placed:
Highest honor goes to the People’s Choice Award for Traditional Introductions, congratulations to both Amanda and Ralph for being nominated! Gloria placed second in Oratory, Ralph placed second in Dramatic Declamation and Special Topics, Ishmael placed first in Storytelling. Amanda placed first in Dramatic Declamation, second in Native Language, and third in Special Topics. Again the University of Alaska Southeast is honored to have had such wonderful representation! Gunalchéesh, Háw’aa, Doyk’shn to Ishmael, Amanda, Gloria, and Ralph!

We would like to recognize Sealaska, Tlingit Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, Huna Heritage Foundation, Goldbelt, PITAAS program, UAS Student Governtment, the Chancellor’s fund, and the UAS~NRSC Foundation for contributing to our annual event making travel possible to the Statewide Oratory competition!! The students thank you for your continued investment in them!

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