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Global Cuisine Comes to UAS

by Penny Cotton, NMS Services

What do President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood, Joe Montana and UAS Students all have in common? All have enjoyed the culinary talents of Carol Young.

Carol YoungYoung is the new General Manager for UAS Campus Dining operated by Nana Management Services. Before coming to UAS in January, Young honed her culinary skills in a variety of locations. Starting in the restaurant business as a short-order cook at the age of 15, Young began her formal training at the Culinary Institute in Washington D.C. which included an apprenticeship in Switzerland. She then went on to share her talents at a variety of locations including her own restaurant, the Pebble Beach Lodge and Monterrey Bay area eateries where she served celebrities including Joe Montana and Clint Eastwood. Additional stops along the way included Air Force bases in Yakota, Japan and Belleville, IL. As the Executive Chef for both the NATO headquarters and the Officers’ Club at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, Young catered special events for both Presidents Carter and Clinton.

Young’s extraordinary talent has been acknowledged with the highest recognition a chef can receive; membership in the American Academy of Chefs of the American Culinary Federation. At the time she was nominated, Young was only one of 13 women among the 800 members to have attained this honor. Membership is by invitation only and requires a minimum of 15 years culinary experience, in which 5 must have been as an executive chef. “A quality campus dining program is a key factor for recruitment and retention of students at UAS,” said Tish Satre Griffin, Director Student Services. “In her short time here, Carol has raised the bar in all areas of the program. I am thrilled to have someone of her caliber here and I know she and her team will continue to deliver the exceptional dining services our students, faculty and staff at UAS expect and deserve.”

Young sees one of her most important roles as being a mentor to other women-giving them the confidence they need to live out their potential. In addition, she gives back to the community by teaching cooking classes to home schooled children and tourists.

“I’m delighted to be a member of the UAS campus community,” said Young. “I look forward to sharing my cooking experiences from around the world with the students, faculty and staff here at UAS.”


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