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PR and Media Relations News

From Website renovations to highlighting faculty.

Website Renovations

The UAS website is under renovation with new regional and campus specific templates. Check out how the new look is coming along by visiting a few sites that are up and running to include:

  1. Orientation
  2. Advising
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Distance

The regional template is to consolidate resources, avoid duplication of effort and information, and foster cooperation between campuses and departments for the best delivery of information. The new templates offer new opportunities to get your word out. The bulletin board feature posts announcements and notices in lieu of mass emails and can be viewed on the campus tabs of the Students and Faculty/Staff Websites.

New Internal Communications Policy

UAS is moving towards limiting mass emails to staff and faculty. The PR and Media Relations office is working with Information Technology Services on a policy for notifications, announcements and emergency alerts. Staff and faculty will be notified once the policy is finalized.

Highlight: Faculty

As many of you already know and the latest McDowell Student Retention Study proves, faculty are our greatest asset. “Faculty were cited as being of very high caliber and exceptionally helpful. Participants appreciated the opportunities they had to connect with faculty on a personal level.”

Our office is committed to celebrating the difference faculty make in UAS student lives and the larger community. Some opportunities already in place include:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Katie Bausler, Director
Alison Caputo, Publications Specialist
Dave Klein, Web Coordinator


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