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UAS Sitka Campus Hosts Girl Scout Activity

Sitka faculty and staff help out with Science Detective Campus.

On June 19 some faulty and staff from the UAS Sitka Campus helped out with a Girl Scout Science Detective Camp. Besides having fun, many of the girls had their interest in science sparked and began to see themselves as budding scientists. Marnie Chapman, Assistant Professor of Biology was wonderful and led many of the science activities. The girls were really excited to be in the UAS Biology Labs learning forensic techniques and using the microscopes. Wesley Shafer, Biology Lab Assistant did a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare the lab. Joy Branson, Information/ Media Specialist starred as the mystery scientist and was a huge hit with the girls.


Classroom Photo

Marnie Chapman asks for clarification from a Girl Scout as
Joy Branson prepares to answer the Girl Scout’s questions to
determine if she was the mystery scientist they had spent the
day investigating.

Forensic Techniques Lesson

The Girl Scouts listen as Marnie Chapman gives information on
forensic techniques in the UAS Sitka Campus Biology Lab.


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