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New Perseverance Theatre Faculty on Campus

UAS welcomes Roblin Davis as the new faculty from Perseverance Theatre for the minor in Theatre program.

Roblin DavisRoblin has joined the ranks of Why UAS Faculty featured on the UAS website. All faculty are welcome to participate in Why UAS Facuty. To do so, please contact PR and Marketing Director Katie Bausler.

"It is a great pleasure to work with the dedicated students that come to UAS. UAS offers a supportive learning environment that allows me to provide positive and inspiring classes. I am a strong advocate of experiential education for when we seek to make relevant connections between academics and personal experience, we can find the spark of creativity and passion that makes education deeply fulfilling. Theatre embodies that educational journey by asking pertinent questions, searching for meaningful answers and articulating our deepest thoughts and desires.

With the Joint Theatre Program, two of Alaska’s premiere institutions, UAS and Perseverance Theatre, are partnering to provide unique opportunities for students. Nowhere else in Alaska do you find students learning and working side-byside with some of the greatest professional theatre artists from around the state and the country. And to do that in a place of outstanding natural beauty is a richly rewarding bonus. It keeps me connected to the people and the place that I call home." —Roblin Davis


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