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UAS Flu Update

by Justine Emerson, Family Nurse Practitioner, UAS Health Services.

All UAS faculty, staff, and students will have the opportunity to be immunized for the H1N1 vaccine for free. The vaccine will be provided by the State of Alaska Immunization Program. Like all sites, UAS will receive several shipments, probably beginning in mid to late October, as apportioned by the State. People up to age 24 and those with certain medical conditions will be the priority for the initial immunizations. Immunization clinics will be set up on campus and notification about them will be sent out. Some seasonal flu vaccine will be available as well. It can be given at the same time as the H1N1 vaccine.

So far this autumn there have only been a few cases of influenza like illness (ILI) at UAS. “Flu packs” in zip lock bags, to be picked up by a friend at the Student Resource Center front desk, are being assembled for ill students. Included will be face masks, disposable thermometers, cough drops, analgesics and information on the care of and when to seek medical care for the flu.

Vice Chancellor for Student Services Bruce Gifford has already asked the faculty to remind students that they should stay home if ill and also that no excuses for missing classes should be required by professors.


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