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Statement to UA Board of Regents

by John Williams, Chair of the UAS Campus Council, September 25, 2009

Finally, the Southeast region has something that’s growing. And not because it’s been lavished with outside stimulus or artificial fertilizer. The growth on our regional campuses is akin to the organic process in nature wherein the struggles realized by food crops to compete for their nutrients and to fight off pestilence generates a healthier, more micro-nutrient rich source of sustenance to the omnivores that feed on them. In a similar way, UAS is providing to Southeast an economic sustenance that pervades pretty much every aspect of our economy.

In the six years I’ve been privileged to participate as an outside advisor to the Chancellor and to have an insider’s access to the programs, staff and faculty of UAS, I’ve witnessed the struggles behind the growth and achievements. The growth is not without its growing pains.

The economic fabric of our region would be comparatively tattered cloth without UAS. We the members of the business community commend all at UAS who strive to continue to provide the training and accreditation required in our mining, health-care, transportation and construction industries. No one else provides the kind of intellectual laboratory required to investigate and expand the understanding of our resource rich waters and forests. No one else provides the academic opportunities to fulfill the skill-building required to fill the needs of our public sector. No one else creates an environment that allows for the universal appreciation and integration of our rich cultural diversity. Only UAS opens its arms to students from around the State and nation and welcomes those who choose to partake of our unique environment.

To all of you who have provided guidance and assistance and who understand the role of UAS within our communities — to all that continue to persevere in keeping the goals of the university clearly focused on its mission of fulfilling our critical employment training, cultural appreciation, and analytical investigation of our rich and unique environment, we the communities of Southeast acknowledge our indebtedness to you and continue to seek your enduring support of this vital element that makes us all richer and healthier in every way.


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